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MCC Hosts Leadership Speaker John Maxwell for Lecture Series


Next month, McLennan Community College will celebrate its 50th anniversary and as part of its celebration, the college is hosting New York Times best-selling author John Maxwell. KWBU’s Carlos Morales takes at look at the event as the college turns 50.

Bob Woodward – one-half of the famous duo who broke the Watergate scandal. Ben Carson – neurosurgeon and now Republican presidential candidate. Bill Nye – “The Science guy.” Those are just a few of the names that MCC has brought in the last 10 years for its distinguished lecture series, and now, as MCC Business professor Tommy Lowrence says, the college is bringing John Maxwell, a noted lecturer and pastor who has written primarily on leadership. 

"What really struck me is that celebrating our 50th anniversary as a college and no doubt, no organization, no organization lasts 50 years without great leadership," Lowrence said. "So my thought was why don’t we celebrate leadership in our 50th celebration."

Maxwell is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week best-selling author.  And tonight he’ll be discussing the ideas of his book “Developing the Leader Within You," ideals that Lowrence says resonate with most, from student to community member.

“If you want to change the world, you really start by changing yourself, so by developing that leader within you goes a long way into changing your household and thus your community.” 

Maxwell will be discussing those ideals of leadership in a new venue. MCC recently moved the lecture series from the 800-capacity conference center to the gym, which holds about 18 hundred people.  Kim Patterson, Associate Director of the University Center, says the growth of the lecture series reflects a growing community interest.

“Our students  are very into this, they’re very open to hearing the speakers. It’s almost like the word is out that if we bring a speaker in, you need to be there," Patterson said. "Even if it’s not somebody you heard of, even if it’s not a Kardashian, you got to come.” 

Maxwell speaks tonight, as part of MCC’s distinguished lecture series at 7 p.m. at the Highlands on MCC’s campus.