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KWBU Big Membership Event


The annual Big Membership Event is underway.   It's a celebration of public radio and KWBU!

It’s essential to stay on track with all our fundraising goals. What are they? We can simplify them all to one critical goal; we’re trying to add one new member: you.

KWBU Members - Angela Ceccato and Victor Pierce

You might think, "I’m going to do it sooner or later." Later, while appreciated, could signal your uncertainty about the value of our mission — and, frankly, may challenge our ability to deliver on it. Giving now shows you care about keeping us on track for this fiscal year.

Call  254-710-1033 now to become a contributing listener.  Or, continue your support and renew your membership today.    

KWBU Member - Lisa Shaver

You can also make your secure web pledge. Just click here.    

KWBU is located at 2100 River Street.   We are just around the corner from the Ferrell Center off University Parks Drive.  Come by and pledge in person if you'd like.  And, let us take your KWBU Mug Shot.   

Thanks for doing what you’re able.

Brodie has been with KWBU since June 5, 2000. She knows the exact date because it was less than one month before KWBU began broadcasting NPR programming. Her commercial radio experience coupled with many years in public broadcasting, have given her a good foundation for heading up the on-air side of KWBU's operations. Brodie was raised in a military family; her father's Army stations ranged from Minnesota to Germany, Washington, Nebraska and California. But it is TEXAS she calls home! Brodie has three canine companions and loves being the aunt to 5 nieces and 4 nephews. She also enjoys playing dominos and a vairety of card and board games.