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CASA of McLennan County Gets Creative During COVID

Non-profits are having to change the way they operate during the pandemic, and they’re having to get creative when it comes to fundraising.

CASA of McLennan county is a non-profit organization that pairs advocates with children that are in the foster care system.  CASA stands for court appointed special advocates

In McLennan county, there are about 800 children in foster care, 

which according to executive director Anna Futral, is a lot.

"A high head count for a county without, you know, a very large city in it.  We just really need folks that are dedicated and willing to invest in the lives of these children, for a length of time."

Casa is working with 250 of those kids and they are always looking for volunteers to help. Volunteers are trained to learn about the child’s situation.  Everything from their teachers, therapist, attorneys and case workers.  The advocates become a voice for the kids in foster care.

Under normal circumstances, some of these cases can be challenging, and then you throw in a pandemic…

"That lack of face to face with the children we serve, that's been difficult for our staff and for our volunteers.  Our volunteers are so dedicated that they hate that."

While criminal cases may have been backlogged due to the pandemic, hearings on cases involving kids in foster care have been continuing on a more normal schedule.

"Zoom in to the meeting instead of driving to the courthouse, and so we have not had a backlog, um, and not had to pause hearings, so, which is good, beacuse that in a way would be pushing pause on a portion of a child's life, here, and so that has worked out quite well.

CASA puts on its annual fundraiser, Crawfish for CASA, and according to Director of Communication and Development, Lucas Land, it’s going to be different.

"When you go April 16th and you eat a participating restaurants, a donation, a portion of your meal will go to CASA." 

There will also be an online auction between April 15th and the 18th.  More information about Crawfish for CASA, and volunteering is online at casa for every child dot org.

With KWBU News, I’m Dustin Drew.