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Powerball Ticket Sold In Waco Remains Unclaimed

Dustin Drew
Location where Powerball ticket was sold, 3630 Interstate 35 South

They say the number 13 is not a lucky number, but January 13th was a lucky day for someone in Waco, and maybe they don’t know that.  That’s the day all of the Powerball numbers aligned for a ticket purchased in Waco.

The deal is, no one has come forward to claim the million-dollar prize, and officials with the Texas Lottery say the deadline is Monday at 5pm.

According to the Texas Lottery commission, the ticket was purchased at A to Z Wholesale at 3630 I-35 South.  Which does not appear to be your typical convenience store.  I drove by several times to get a comment, but no one was there.  Finally, I saw a car in the parking lot, but the door was locked, as I was walking away, a person came out and told me they could not talk to the media.

The winning numbers are 4 – 19 – 23 – 25 and 49, with the Powerball number of 14.  The ticket matched all five of the numbers except the Powerball.  It was also someone else’s lucky day as a second winning ticket was sold at a Circle K in Corpus Christi.

If you have the winning ticket, the Texas lottery says you need to set up an appointment by visiting their website at Texas lottery dot org and again, the deadline is Monday at 5pm.  And if you want to try your luck, the next Powerball drawing is tomorrow night, with a jackpot of $127 million.