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Waco's Police Chief, Sheryl Victorian Releases Statement Concerning Constitutional Carry

City of Waco
City of Waco's Police Chief, Dr. Sheryl Victorian

Today is the first day that HB 1927 goes into effect.  The City of Waco's Police Chief Sheryl Victorian released this statement concerning the safety and responsibility of carring a weapon.

“With the adoption of HB 1927, also known as the “constitutional carry” law, it is critical that persons who intend to carry a weapon know and understand the totality of the law.  Particularly, people who intend to carry a weapon should know whether they are a legal carrier, as well as where they are “allowed to” and “prohibited from” carrying a weapon.   

It is also important to know that peace officers “acting in the lawful discharge of the officer’s official duties may disarm a person at any time the officer reasonably believes it is necessary for the protection of the person, officer, or another individual.”  Those deciding to “constitutional carry” should be sure the weapon is holstered and secured properly.  As officers, we have a responsibility to detain and arrest persons who display weapons with reckless disregard for the life and safety of others.   

As a police chief, I strongly recommend anyone who plans to carry a weapon receive training on the proper usage, cleaning, storage, and safety of guns.  Publicly carrying a weapon comes with much responsibility and persons deciding to carry should only do so if they are properly educated on the law, gun safety and the emotional, mental, and physical consequences that may occur from its use.”  

  • - Chief Sheryl Victorian, Waco Police Department    

There are several places where you can not carry a gun, including hospitals, sporting events and bars.  Carrying a gun into a prohibited area could lead to a Class A misdemeanor or 3rd-degree felony.