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City of Waco Dedicates New Fire Station #6 and Administration Building Today

City of Waco's Fire Administration Building on 25th Street
Dustin Drew
City of Waco's Fire Administration Building on 25th Street

“He he, well sir, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more likely looking pair of fawn, which Bambi ought to be mighty proud.”

Bambi was the last movie that was shown at the 25th Street Theatre back when it closed in 1982, four years later it opened as 25th Street, and was home to a nightclub until it closed in 1992.

Over the years, there have been grand plans for the theatre, and at one point, a website trying to save the theatre, Save the 25th dot com.

Today, the new City of Waco fire administration building, and the new fire station #6 will have its grand opening.

“The City of Waco decided they wanted to maintain the look of the 25th Street Theatre, and we’ve done that. It also sends a message to the community, not only do we want to be in the community, we want to be good neighbors in the community as well.”

Waco Fire Chief, Gregory Summers, says there will be two grand opening celebrations, one for the Fire Administration building, and one for fire station #6.

“Then when we open up the fire station, we’re going to use fire hose, uncoupling of fire hose, to symbol the opening of that facility.”

Summers says the event will begin tonight at 6:00pm with food trucks, popcorn and tours of the facility beginning at 7. Then at 7:45, they will be showing the movie, “Planes: Fire and Rescue.”

Vice President and Co-Owner of Truett Insurance, Bianca Tagle, which has offices on 25th street, says she’s excited to see the new fire station and administration building.

“A lot of people here, walk around, they come do things all over town in this area, and shop, so I think it will be a good addition.”

This station will replace the old Fire Station #6 which was located at 2800 Bosque Blvd, and build back in 1940.