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This Memorial Day Weekend Waco Fire Reminds Residents About Boater Safety

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Dustin Drew

Memorial Day Weekend usually marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and for lots of people, they will be heading to one of the lakes across Central Texas.

Larry Denman is with the Waco Fire Department and says that it’s important for people using jet skis and boats to have enough life jackets for everyone on board, and to make sure they fit properly.

“Lifejackets again are the biggest safety, keeping everybody alive, keep them above water. So, anyone under the age of 13, must wear a life jacket on any boat that is underway in the State of Texas.”

Denman also says that anyone who is operating a jet ski, needs to be on the lookout for other people in the water, as well as other objects. He also says people need to use the safety features on the jet ski.

“They also need to have the kill switch attached to them, so that if they were to come off the ski, the boat would stop, and therefore not run anyone else over. “

The water levels at Lake Waco are down this year, and Denman says people need to pay attention to areas that may have some tree limbs closer to the water surface.

He also adds that if you see someone in distress in the water, to call 9-1-1 immediately so they can get a crew on the way, and also pinpoint the area of the incident to tell the dispatcher.

“And stay on scene, stay with those people. If they can get them in the boat, get them in their boat, but stay where the incident happened.”