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What you need to know for McLennan county elections

Autumn Jones

November 7th is election day, and in addition to the statewide Constitutional Amendment election, many local elections are happening as well. Here is what you need to know about what is on the ballot for cities in McLennan county.

Tomorrow is election day, where you decide if the Texas Constitution needs adjustments in order to better serve the public, but there are also many local elections happening in McLennan county.

Local elections are just as important as statewide elections, they impact our day to day lives in the cities we live in. So let's talk about what's on the ballot for cities in McLennan county.

The city of Robinson is holding a general election to vote for three new city council members, the candidates are Jimmy Rogers for Place 1, Jim MasterGeorge V. Charlie Burch for Place 2, and Brittany McLean for Place 5.

Robinson ISD is also asking voters to elect three new members to their board of trustees. The candidates are Alicia Williams for Place 5, Colby Witt, Jabo Rubin, and Jon Richards for Place 6, and Keith Helpert for Place 7.

Midway ISD is asking the public to vote on whether or not to approve a nine-cent tax rate in order to better fund Midway public schools.

Mart ISD is holding a special election to vote on three propositions. In total, the district is asking for $50,000,000 worth of bonds for school security and construction, which would result in a property tax increase.

Moody ISD will also be having a special election to vote on proposition A, which is asking the public to approve the issuance of $12,000,000 worth of bonds for the improvement of public schools, which would increase property taxes.

The city of West is holding a mayoral election, the two candidates are Joe Pustejovsky and David Pratka. Both of whom are on the West city council currently.

The people of West will also be voting for a new city council member, the candidates are Crystal Middleton-Anthony, Mike Jones, Matthew Nemec, Chris Nors, Cody L. Harris, Laura A. Pavlicek, and Amanda Zahirniak.

The city of Riesel will be voting in a new city council member as well in a General Election, the candidates are Jeanne Lehrmann, Ralph May, Kooper Sjolander, Paul Winkler and Bobby Dieterich.

The city of Bruceville-Eddy is also having a General Election where they will be voting in a new mayor, with the only candidate being Linda Owens, and a new city council member, the candidates are Richard Prater, Rick Edmiston and Joyce McGlothlin.

The people of Bruceville-Eddy will also be voting on whether or not to approve a tax rate increase that would allow the city to undertake major city development. Including expanding businesses, improvement of public facilities, and the construction of entertainment facilities like museums, stadiums, etc.

Remember to make your way to the polls before the end of the day tomorrow, November 7, to vote and make your voice heard.

For more information on what's on the ballot statewide and locally, you can visit the 2023 Constitutional Amendment Information page at

For Waco Public Radio, I’m Autumn Jones.