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May 4 election results for McLennan County

Autumn Jones

Jim Holmes wins race for Waco Mayor and local school districts are divided on bond propositions.

Jim Holmes will be the new mayor of Waco after securing 70.3 percent of the vote in the three-person race against Aubrey Robertson and Eric Brown in Saturday’s joint general election.

Holmes has served on the Waco city council since 2016 and has been involved in numerous community boards and commissions, including the Heart of Texas Council of Governments, the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Advisory Board of Directors for the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce.

Holmes outlines his five priorities for Waco on his campaign website, which include economic development, lowering tax rates, improving city infrastructure, strengthening police and fire protection and revitalizing downtown Waco.

Holmes will replace outgoing mayor Dillon Meek, who has served as Waco mayor since 2020.

Five local school bond elections revealed split opinions on bond proposals to improve school infrastructure.

La Vega ISD voters approved the largest of the district bond proposals, totaling $92.9 million for stadium improvements, new classrooms and buses.

This will raise district taxes by 24.5 cents per $100 valuation.

McGregor ISD voters also approved their district’s $82 million bond proposal, which will go toward the construction of a new junior high school and gymnasium.

This will raise district taxes by 28.4 cents per $100 valuation.

Axtell, Connally and Lorena ISD all faced rejection on their proposed bonds.

Axtell ISD sought $25.1 million for school improvements, security and a turf field. Connally ISD asked for $60 million for a new elementary school and Lorena proposed $38.9 million for school expansion, school renovations and a sports medicine facility.

You can view the full list of election results for McLennan county online at


Axtell ISD:

Proposition A (School Buildings):

For: 167 votes (21.3%)

Against: 618 votes (78.7%)

Proposition B (Stadium):

For: 156 votes (19.9%)

Against: 629 votes (80.1%)

Connally ISD:

Place 7 Trustee:

Trey Copeland: 402 votes (42.7%)

Diane Davis: 539 votes (57.3%)

Proposition A (New Elementary School, Facilities):

For: 489 votes (43.6%)

Against: 633 votes (56.4%)

Crawford ISD:

Trustees (Choose Up to Two):

Chad Talbert: 256 votes

Trent Huey: 37 votes

Jared Griffin: 231 votes

La Vega ISD:

Proposition A (Facilities, Buses, Vehicles):

For: 297 votes (69.8%)

Against: 128 votes (30.1%)

Proposition B (Stadium Upgrades):

For: 275 votes (65.6%)

Against: 144 votes (34.3%)

Proposition C (Multi-program Facility):

For: 273 votes (64.4%)

Against: 144 votes (34.5%)

Lorena ISD:

Trustees (Choose Up to Three):

Tyler Stewart: 813 votes

Jason Lavender: 686 votes

Lane Wakefield: 381 votes

Russ Johnson: 769 votes

Proposition A (School Facilities):

For: 622 votes (41.8%)

Against: 867 votes (58.2%)

Proposition B (Recreational Facilities):

For: 592 votes (39.9%)

Against: 892 votes (60.1%)

McGregor ISD:

Proposition A (School Facilities):

For: 385 votes (63.2%)

Against: 224 votes (36.8%)

Mart ISD:

Trustees (Choose Up to Two):

Michael Terry: 70 votes

Corey Pharris: 43 votes

John Murphy: 116 votes

Damian Davis Sr.: 62 votes

Bridget Williams: 39 votes

Raquel Blood: 22 votes

Sara Deike: 148 votes

City of Gholson:

Proposition A (Disannexation):

For: 73 votes (25.1%)

Against: 218 votes (74.9%)

City of Lorena:

Proposition A (Tax Reduction and Street Maintenance):

For: 222 votes (65.1%)

Against: 119 votes (34.9%)

City of Mart:

City Council (Choose Up to Three):

David M. Byrd: 67 votes

Andrea Fullner: 15 votes

Ray “Tiny” Gonzales: 78 votes

Odell Nevills: 114 votes

Trevor Baize: 84 votes

Kristen Bohannon: 14 votes

Jason Tweedle: 108 votes

Brenda Roberts: 61 votes

City of Lacy Lakeview:

City Council (Choose Up to Three):

Henry Bush: 215 votes

Bruce Bundrant: 91 votes

Chuck Wilson: 151 votes

Richard Lednicky: 149 votes

Proposition A (Streets and Roads):

For: 318 votes (69.3%)

Against: 151 votes (30.7%)

City of McGregor:

City Council Ward 2:

Bonnie Mooney Mullens: 93 votes (78.2%)

Andy Maguire: 26 votes (21.8%)

McLennan Central Appraisal District:

Place 1: John Kinnaird (unopposed)

Place 2: David R. Schleicher: 3,758 votes (44.5%)

Perry Felton: 4,696 votes (55.5%)

Place 3: Dennis DeGraff: 1,480 votes (18.9%)

Linda Hatchel: 4,281 votes (54.6%)

William (Bill) W. Vernon Jr.: 2,076 votes (26.5%)



Jim Holmes: 2,473 votes (70.3%)

Aubrey Robertson: 542 votes (15.4%)

Eric Brown: 502 votes (14.3%)

Waco ISD At-large Trustee:

Keith Guillory: 1,944 votes (75.3%)

Lauren Caldwell: 639 votes (24.7%)


Ward 2 Place 1: Storey Cook: 1,113 votes (69.0%)

Andrea Rossfeld: 501 votes (31.0%)

Ward 3 Place 1: Gayle R. Avant: 83 votes (5.1%)

Ken Sury: 1,062 votes (65.6%)

Richard Hess: 473 votes (29.2%)