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Micro Dash provides affordable, on-demand rides around Waco

Micro Dash.
The City of Waco
Micro Dash.

The Waco Transit System has developed an innovative and affordable way for Wacoans to travel in and around the city. Micro Dash is an on-demand transit service that operates in three service zones in Waco.

As part of the ‘Reimagine Waco Transit’ study conducted in 2021, the city of Waco set out to modify the city's fixed-route public transit system.

The goal was to redesign the transit system to enhance mobility for residents in and around Waco.

Charles Parham: “One of the recommendations they came up with was the micro transit system, something that would augment our fixed route system.”

Charles Parham is the Director of Operations for the Waco Transit System and is leading the micro transit initiative. In addition to the fixed bus and shuttle routes, the transit system is now offering an on-demand transportation service, called Micro Dash.

With Micro Dash, passengers can request a ride within designated service areas from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Charles Parham: “It’s very simple, you can do it one of two ways. You can call our office at 254-750-1623, that’s our call center. But our preferred method is that the potential rider downloads Ride Pingo, put in their information and it will walk them through the process of booking a ride.”

The Ride Pingo app makes it easy to book a ride with Micro Dash. You put in your location, where you want to go and the app will let you know if you are in a service zone. If you are, Pingo will show how long it will take for someone to pick you up and how much the ride will cost. You can pay for your ride through the app or with cash. Passengers can also request assistance through the app, such as help getting in and out of the vehicle.

Currently there are three service zones located in north, central and south Waco and six Micro Dash vehicles. Parham says the transit system is hoping to grow those numbers.

Charles Parham: “It’s a very accessible, very affordable, very flexible service. It’s a convenience. We are looking to expand our fixed route service. If you choose not to drive or you’re looking to save money or you’re just looking to ride in comfort, we ask that people download the Ride Pingo app and give us a shot.”

To learn more about the Micro Dash service, you can visit