Events - January 17 -23

Jan 17, 2020

From MLK Day activities to the Brazos River Clean Up, there is plenty to do in Waco this week.  

Why Texans Love H-E-B So Much

Jan 16, 2020
Gabriel C. Pérez/KUT

Much of the San Antonio-based chain’s success comes from tapping into consumers’ pride in Texan identity. It even beat out Trader Joe’s in a recent national survey.

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A new writer I recently discovered, has led me to an amazing story of love and passion.  The story revolves around three couples loosely connected by time and space, with a thinner connection by blood.  André Aciman’s latest novel, Find Me, is a powerful story of the connections created by love.  Find Me is a sequel to Call Me by Your Name.  He has written six other novels.  He lives with his wife in Manhattan.


Camille Phillips / Texas Public Radio

Young people express fear of war, and of s potential military draft.

From Texas Public Radio:

Less than 48 hours after Iran hit two U.S. bases in Iraq in retaliation for the death of their military leader, Qassem Soleimani, hundreds of high school students converged in San Antonio for a Model United Nations conference.

Students in charge of organizing the conference said that the situation with Iran feels personal for them and their friends.

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David and Art - "A Man on Horseback Pt. 2"

Jan 13, 2020
Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

Sometimes the most perceptive voice in a controversy comes from an artist who sees it up close.

Last week I mentioned that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond has just installed a monumental new sculpture by an artist named Kehinde Wiley, the first work of sculpture he’s created.  And it might just be one of the most powerful works of art you’ll ever see.

Wiley based the form of his work on a 1907 equestrian statue of Confederate General JEB Stuart that sits prominently on Richmond’s Monument Avenue.  In content, however, Wiley’s statue is quite different.  Well, the horse is the same.  But sitting on it in an equally heroic pose is a young African American man in street clothes with dreadlocks, torn jeans, and Nike shoes.  The effect is overwhelming.

"Lord, I'm the True Vine" is one of the earliest recorded precursors of gospel music, recorded in 1930 by the otherwise unknown Eddie Head & Family. 

Good news: A recent analysis of cholesterol levels in children and teens showed improvement. The bad news? Only half of kids had readings considered ideal. Overall, 7 percent of kids had high cholesterol from 2009 to 2016, down from 10 percent a decade earlier. In children, a high cholesterol level means a reading of 200 or above, while an ideal measure is below 170.

Central Texas Leadership Series - Colleen Heaton

Jan 10, 2020

Colleen Heaton, founder and director of No Limitations joins Nan Holmes for this installment of the Central Texas Leadership Series.  

Baylor Connections - Dr. Bryan Brooks

Jan 10, 2020

An internationally-recognized leader in water quality, the environment and health, Bryan Brooks has galvanized stakeholders from around the world to partner, identify and address the planet’s most significant environmental challenges. In this Baylor Connections, Brooks, the distinguished professor of environmental science and biomedical studies and director of Baylor’s environmental health science program, examines meaningful environmental issues and shares how partnerships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Environmental Health Association have launched initiatives designed to spark meaningful change.

Events - January 10 - 16

Jan 10, 2020

Ready for a fresh start?

See what 2020 has to offer in Waco this week by taking in some art, laughing at the comedy club, or checking out the Oak Ridge Boys at the Waco Hippodrome!

A Tale Of Land Development In Two Texas Cities

Jan 9, 2020
Renee Dominguez/KUT and Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/Texas Standard

Austin and Houston are growing rapidly, but each has unique challenges and different approaches for handling that growth.

Work can affect your home life. Dr. Dawn Carlson, professor of management shares in this episode of the Business Review just how much crossover happens between work and home.

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Louisa Treger has an amazing dual history.  She started as a classical violinist, and then to a Ph.D in English.  She lives in London, and this is her second novel.