Sister Emma Tucker's Soulful bluesy voice transforms "Cryin' Days Will be Over" into something truly special.

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On this month’s episode, host Kennedy Sam sits down with Samuel Thomas, a co-founder of the Deep in the Heart Film Festival, to hear a few updates on what to expect for this year’s at-home edition coming next month. In the second half of the episode, local artist Cade Kegerreis will be talking about his first solo exhibiton, Devolved, which is now open at Cultivate 7twelve.

Baylor Connections - Michelle Cohenour

Aug 28, 2020

Student Success Initiatives at Baylor University walks alongside students to help them successfully navigate the incumbent challenges of different steps of the collegiate journey. In this Baylor Connections, Michelle Cohenour, Student Success Initiatives director, shares how SSI helps students from a variety of backgrounds be their best self, in and out of class, so they can find holistic success and make the most of their time at Baylor.

Ben Goldberg talks about running a family business.

(New installments of the Business Review are on hold due to Covid-19.  This is a repeat of a previously aired segment.) 

“When you run a family business there’s a lot that goes into that, you deal with both the business side, the employee side, the family side, and then the individual relationship side. I had to make that migration of knowing when to call my dad “Dad” and when to call him by his first name, “Joel.””

Ben Goldberg, CEO of Aurico, says the family business started in an upstairs bedroom of their home. His father saw an opportunity to combine his naval intelligence experience during the Vietnam era with his 

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According to the dust jacket, Elliot Ackerman served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and is the recipient of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star for valor, and the Purple heart.  His essays and fiction have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The new Republic, and Ecotone, among other publications.  He currently lives in Istanbul, where he writes on the Syrian Civil War.  He is a true hero.


David and Art - "Save our Stages"

Aug 24, 2020
Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

Saving our stages means keeping afloat places where people can hear the magic of live music.

On one of my last voyages out before the lockdown last spring, I went to New York City for a couple of days to give a talk.  New York is one of my favorite places and I had one night free, all to myself.  I wanted to hear some jazz and I wound up downstairs at Birdland, one of the most famous jazz clubs in the world, listening to a talented cabaret singer named Marissa Mulder.  She did a really nice set of Lennon and McCartney songs backed by guitar, bass, piano, and drums.  The crowd was knowledgeable, appreciative, and responded really well.

Just a few weeks later Birdland was closed.  I felt like I’d been on the last plane out of Casablanca.

In a grim cascade from coast to coast, all music venues great and small closed within a few days.  The group I play with here had a gig cancelled on March 12 and there’s been no place to play since.  I would like people to understand that places that host live music represent a crucial piece of the art scene in any town, from Waco to New York City; and, beginning last spring, the question quickly became how, and if,

Edna Gallmon Cooke's beautiful mezzo-suprano voice and unique story-telling style deserve to be better known among gospel fans today.

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Downtown Depot - Eric Shepherd

Aug 21, 2020

This week on Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek sits down with Eric Shepherd, executive director of the Waco Civic Theater. He discusses all things drama in Central Texas, ways the musical "Hamilton" is shaping the industry, and how community theaters can bounce back during and after Covid-19. Before that conversation, he shines the small business spotlight on Erin Ward of Pura Vida Paddle.

Baylor Connections - President Linda Livingstone

Aug 21, 2020

Months of preparations for an in-person fall semester culminate with the arrival of students on campus and the start of classes Monday, August 24. In this Baylor Connections, President Linda Livingstone goes deep inside the process of bringing students back to campus safely, preparing meaningful modes of class instruction both virtually and in-person, readying Baylor’s physical spaces for students and more.

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Swedish author, Fredrik Backman, has written six thrilling stories of life in Sweden.  Most revolve around ice hockey.  The seventh is every bit as wonderful, tragic, filled with love, hate, and greed.  Us Against You continues the story of “warfare” between two rival towns over hockey supremacy.  I have loved every minute of these stories, and you will, too!

Craig Ceccanti credits their success to the intimate partnership the company has with their franchisees. 

(New installments of the Business Review are on hold due to Covid-19.  This is a repeat of a previously aired segment.)

Social art pioneer Pinot’s Palette is the pinnacle of the popular paint-and-sip industry. Co-founder Craig Ceccanti credits their success to the intimate partnership the company has with their franchisees. He says combining new technology with owner and customer feedback gives them the edge over their competition.”

“Speed is absolutely critical in innovation, so as these ideas come in from the field, you have to have a team that’s prepared to absorb that and bounce it off of the other lessons learned we’ve had nationwide,

Marjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas Tribune

The state’s three top elected leaders also fiercely criticized the Austin officials who plan to cut up to one-third of their police department’s budget, largely through reorganizing divisions out from under law enforcement.

Nic McPhee/Flickr

Some Texas Doctors Are Treating COVID Patients With A ‘Silver Bullet’ Drug That Hasn’t Been Fully Tested

A west Texas physician is largely responsible for touting the benefits of the asthma drug budesonide.

Shelly Brisbin / Texas Standard

In a letter to the secretary of state, and other officials, the USPS said there’s a “mismatch” in Texas vote-by-mail deadlines that could result in ballots not reaching elections officials in time.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)/Public Domain

Many people who were believed to have had the flu last winter in Wuhan, China and Seattle actually had COVID-19, a UT-Austin study found.