Avery Lill

Reporting Intern

Avery was an intern with KWBU from 2015-2016. She graduated from Baylor University, where she studied philosophy and creative writing. She will intern with Here & Now at NPR in Washington D.C during the Summer of 2016.

Originally from Austin, Texas, she loves live music and rock climbing almost as much as she loves reading, writing, telling, and listening to stories.

Just a few weeks ago, students across Texas public schools were taking the STAAR test, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. The standardized assessment not only measures student performance – but the performance of schools as a whole. When a student fails these tests, there are make-up exams or second chances. But what happens if a school fails to meet educational standards? 

Access to food can be difficult if you live in a low-income neighborhood without a grocery store nearby. But Mission Waco is looking to change that through an innovative model. For KWBU, Avery Lill reports on Jubilee Market, the non-profit grocery store that Mission Waco is opening to make it easier for people in an under-resourced neighborhood in North Waco to buy healthy and affordable food.

Tonight is the first in a series of prayer services for survivors of sexual violence. The services are broken up into several themes -- tonight's is lament. For KWBU, Avery Lill has more. 

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In this episode of Behind the Story we’ll hear about smartphones – how they’ve become such a prominent fixture in our day-to-day life, and how our addiction to the palm-sized devices can negatively impact relationships. 

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Are you addicted to your smartphone? Do you find yourself constantly checking for texts and emails? One researcher has found that smartphone use negatively impacts relationships and that smartphone addiction plays a significant role in our lives. 


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Down Highway 6, on the North Bosque River, just before the river runs into Lake Waco, you’ll find the Lake Waco Wetlands. It’s mostly dry right now, but they are are still busy with everything from field trips to habitat management. For KWBU, Avery Lill reports on just what the wetland's role is in our community.

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Waco rests about halfway between the music meccas of Austin and Dallas. The former is often called the live capitol music of the world, and the latter remains a popular destination for touring bands and musicians. Waco’s music scene, however, remains relatively slim given its prime location. KWBU takes a look at the city’s music history and how it might change in the coming years as the downtown corridor develops.

Carlos Morales

In response to recent anti-Muslim sentiments -- such as remarks from GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the U-S -- roughly 400 people, from Baylor faculty and students to community members, gathered, to offer encouragement and solidarity to those Muslim students at the university.  

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In September, the United States announced it would aim to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees, as millions continue to flee the violence in their home country. , The resulting refugee crisis has raised many questions, like where can the displaced go. Is Waco a viable option? For KWBU Avery Lill reports