Brodie Bashaw

Station Manager/ Host, Morning Edition

Brodie has been with KWBU since June 5, 2000. She knows the exact date because it was less than one month before KWBU began broadcasting NPR programming.  Her commercial radio experience coupled with many years in public broadcasting, have given her a good foundation for heading up the on-air side of KWBU's operations. Brodie was raised in a military family; her father's Army stations ranged from Minnesota to Germany, Washington, Nebraska and California. But it is TEXAS she calls home! Brodie has three canine companions and loves being the aunt to 5 nieces and 4 nephews. She also enjoys playing dominos and a vairety of card and board games.  

Ways to Connect

Act Locally Waco Host Ashley Thornton highlights some of Waco's upcoming events, including Brews and Brushes and a lecture by Jemar Tisby at the Armstrong Browning Library. Both events take place January 17th.  

Joe Riley

Should some of the oldest and grandest sculptures in the British Museum go back to a new museum in Athens?

Doris Watson and the Testimonial Echoes deliver a slow and soulful rendition of “God is Blessing You.”

Full length audio here

Expanding the cancer care toolbox.

Joe Riley

Does a museum have an obligation to return works of art to countries that didn't agree to give them up in the first place?

"Jesus is Everywhere" by the Victorious Glory Landers is doo-wop heaven! 

The dangers of using alternative medicine.

Cancer Update Part 1 - The High Cost of Cancer

Setting the stage for effective meetings.

Lots of festive activies are happening in and around town this week.  Hear about Christmas at Cameron Park Zoo and Zoovie Night.  The Jubilee Theatre presents "Every Christamas Story Ever Told and Then Some" while "It's a Wonderful Life" is put on by the Brazos Theatre Group.  This is only a peek.  Listen and hear what else is happening.  

Joe Riley

Buying an original work of art is like nothing else you can purchase.  But, that doesn't mean it's difficult.

Information on the Dec. 7 Doris Miller Memorial Dedication along with a week of many festive activities are included in this edition of Act Locally Waco.  

Joe Riley

For some, a holiday tradition includes seeing a ballet company production of  the "Nutcracker." 

In the last few decades, street art has transformed from a mostly illegal medium used by artists in urban environments to a global art movement of sought-after pieces earning millions at art auctions. We discuss this and more with Blek le Rat, the world's most famous Parisian street artist and father of the art form's stencil-based technique, and Brian Greif, an art collector showing Banksy's San Francisco piece "Haight Street Rat" in Waco and around the world.

Holiday happenings and more are highlighted in this edition of Act Locally Waco. (more)