Emily Feng

BEIJING – Noodles will be served by a robot — just one of the many ways that China is aiming to keep the Olympics free of COVID-19 as an estimated 13,000 international athletes and journalists descend on Beijing, China's capital, for the Winter Olympic Games that start on Feb. 4.

Hosting the Olympics presents a massive challenge for China, where for the last two years, authorities have implemented some of the most rigorous COVID-prevention policies in the world. The country has closed its borders to nearly all travelers and locked down cities over just a handful of infections.

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HAINAN, China — Chinese citizens are indignant after an eight-month pregnant woman was refused entry to a hospital because the validity of her COVID-19 test had expired by just two hours.

Xi'an, a city of 13 million residents, has been locked down since Dec. 23, making this China's biggest lockdown since Wuhan was first sealed in 2020. Xi'an has recorded nearly 1,800 cases in the past month — a high number given that Chinese authorities are punished if even a single case pops up in their jurisdiction.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is not among the more than 100 world leaders invited to this week's virtual Summit for Democracy hosted by President Biden. So Beijing held its own democracy dialogue.

BEIJING – The Chinese ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing says it will delist from the New York Stock Exchange and instead move to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after coming under intense Chinese regulatory scrutiny.

The announcement reflects the rapid reversal in the transportation company's fortunes as China goes on a regulatory blitz targeting some of the country's biggest private technology firms.

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BEIJING — A lawyer-turned-citizen-journalist in China who posted videos on social media from Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic is on the verge of dying in prison after staging a months-long hunger strike, according to her family and her lawyer.

BEIJING – Residents left starving inside makeshift quarantine centers fashioned out of shipping containers. Businesses forbidden from selling goods – even online. A baby reportedly tested for COVID 74 times.

Shanghai health authorities say they have tested nearly 34,000 people for the coronavirus in a single night at Shanghai's Disneyland.

On Sunday evening, the city suddenly closed Shanghai Disneyland and banned anyone inside from leaving. It also shut down the metro station that services the theme park. The park said it did so to cooperate with a contact-tracing investigation after a woman who visited the park Saturday later tested positive for the coronavirus in neighboring Jiangxi province.

XINING, China — The Dongguan Mosque has adopted some very different looks in its nearly 700 years in China's northwestern city of Xining. Built in the style of a Chinese imperial palace, with tiled roofs and no domes, and adorned with Buddhist symbols, the mosque was nearly destroyed by neglect during political tumult in the early 20th century. In the 1990s, authorities replaced the original ceramic tiles on the roof and minarets with green domes.

This year, provincial authorities lopped off those domes.

BEIJING — The window shades are drawn, the air's filled with cigarette smoke and tension. About three dozen people, mostly men, huddle around a table, in silence — all that can be heard is an unmistakable chirp.

It's a cricket fight.

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BEIJING — In 1961, Muhammad's then-teenage parents loaded as many belongings as they could onto yaks and horses, then set off walking toward the snow-tipped Pamir mountains. Their destination: Afghanistan.

They were among hundreds of Uyghurs who have fled northwest China's Xinjiang region to Afghanistan since the 1950s. The Uyghurs, a mostly Muslim Turkic ethnic minority, made the arduous trek along ancient pilgrimage and trade routes to the neighboring country to escape religious and political persecution under the Chinese government.

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Tensions between China and Taiwan are once again on display. Over the weekend, both celebrated October 10, or the Double Ten anniversary, but for very different reasons. NPR's Emily Feng explains the dueling political narratives.