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Sam joined KWBU in January, 2020.  He graduated from Baylor University with degrees in English and Film and Digital Media in 2019. Raised in Marion, Illinois, Sam is an avid podcast listener, cinephile, and music lover who also enjoys backpacking and landscape photography. 

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Gospel Unlimited's "God is Love" and "Walkin' and Talkin' With Jesus" is an under-appreciated gem from the Say Amen, Somebody soundtrack.

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Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

Helping artists navigate legal questions is a good way to help the local arts scene

A couple of weeks ago when I was talking about the new gig economy law in California, I mentioned that there’s a great deal of uncertainty about who counts as an artist in the eyes of the law.  The day-to-day realities of being a working artist are so far removed from the experiences of most people—certainly from

If you're looking for something to immediately lift your spirits, give a listen to "Rain Down Fire" by The Rev. Joseph D. Linton and the Progressive Baptist Church Choir of St. Louis, Missouri.

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"Moving on Up the King's Highway" by the otherwise unknown Mellotones is both surprisingly and remarkably tuneful gospel. 

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So much of the thinking in medicine has changed over the past 150 years. But there is one number that has remained constant – 98.6 degrees.

That number has represented normal body temperature since German physician Carl Wunderlich first compiled millions of temperature readings from about 25,000 patients in Leipzig in the mid-1800s.

At least until recently.

David and Art - "No Twitter"

Mar 9, 2020
Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

A culture that wants its information in tweet-sized packages is going to have trouble appreciating art.


When the number nine hitter comes to the plate with one on and no outs in a close game, he’ll often square to bunt. As the pitcher begins his windup the first and third basemen charge in and the person playing second wheels over to cover first.  It’s a complex series of events that unfolds quickly but because it’s not immediately evident what’s going on, those who aren’t familiar with baseball are often left scratching their heads. But if you’re patient and take time to figure it out or ask someone, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the subtleties that go on between every pitch. (read more)

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

A word that musicians have long used to refer to performances is today being heard far from the arts world.

The otherwise unknown Capitol City Star Singers channel the O'Jays on the uptempo gospel song, "What He's Done for Me."

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In January 2020, Illinois became the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana use.

For proponents, using marijuana to get high is often cast as a harmless recreational activity. And given the growing support for legalization across the nation, it seems that much of the voting public, whether they use marijuana or not –agrees.

Hosting this week is Kennedy Sam.  Kennedy talks with Eric Shephard of the Waco Civic Theater on their upcoming programming. Also on the program, Kennedy speaks with Fiona Bond about the local art scene and the events coming up in Waco.  Lastly, we'll hear from David Smith with another installment of David and Art.

Smooth-voiced baritone Robert Anderson was one of the very few gospel singers who could croon with the best.

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A healthy diet not only means eating healthy foods and not overeating, it also means getting enough to eat.

Feeding America, an organization dedicated to alleviating hunger, found that 5 million older Americans lack the food to be healthy. As you might imagine, this can compound the healthcare challenges many of these individuals may be facing. An inadequate supply of healthy food can be especially problematic for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

In Episode 79 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Lindsay Liepman - news anchor at KXXV. Liepman discusses her love of broadcast reporting and her new documentary on the hip hop scene in Waco. Before that interview, Meek discusses the Purim Pub Crawl and the history and culture behind the event with Jillian Ohriner.

Events: February 21-26

Feb 21, 2020

Spend some time in Waco this week hanging out with your pet, checking out the local hip-hop scene, and cleaning up your diet!

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

An art show from over one hundred years ago broadened American tastes like none before or since. Here's this weeks edition of David and Art with David Smiith.