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Sam joined KWBU in January, 2020.  He graduated from Baylor University with degrees in English and Film and Digital Media in 2019. Raised in Marion, Illinois, Sam is an avid podcast listener, cinephile, and music lover who also enjoys backpacking and landscape photography. 

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Harry Belafonte's "Oh Freedom" is an early recording of what would become one of the most popular Freedom Songs. 

It’s hard to discuss the future of health and healthcare in America without talking about obesity.

Obesity-related illnesses alone are estimated to cost the US healthcare system more than 190 billion dollars each year. From heart disease to diabetes to some types of cancer to joint problems, the extra pounds we carry are taking their toll on our bodies and our healthcare system.

And the future isn’t looking any lighter according to a major study recently published in the New England

Baylor University recently partnered with Texas Business Journals for an survey highlighting the insights of Texas business leaders into the state’s economy and attitudes towards industry-university research partnerships. In this Baylor Connections, President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., and Jason Cook, Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing officer, analyze the results and share how Baylor’s increased research focus drives innovation, uncovers solutions and prepares leaders for the future workforce.

Events: February 7-13

Feb 7, 2020

From giving back to the community to enjoying good food to celebrating Black History Month, there's something for everyone this week in Waco!

Sometimes lost works of art can reappear, allowing us a chance to rediscover an artist we'd forgotten about. 

The Staple Singers wrote and recorded "Freedom Highway" during the legendary Selma to Montgomery March in 1965.

Flip on the news, and whatever is being reported is likely not a positive, uplifting, or inspiring story. There is no question there is plenty of bad news out, but in the arena of global health – all things considered –there’s much good news to report.


A lot of progress has been made in recent years.

To start with, global life expectancy has never been longer. According to data from the United Nations, someone born in 2017 can expect to live to be more than 72 years old. It’s even higher in developed nations like the United States.

Among the reasons behind this rise is that more expectant mothers and newborns are getting scientifically sound healthcare during pregnancy and after delivery. And on that note, another bit of good news. Global infant and global maternal mortality rates also have both dropped to the lowest on record and continue to trend downward.

Longtime Biblical scholar Stephen Reid’s research is an example of the ways modern technology can give voice to individuals whose voices might otherwise go unheard. Dr. Reid, Professor of Christian Scriptures in Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, recently utilized text mining to learn how African-Americans in the 1700s and 1800s interpreted the book of Deuteronomy. Through a partnership with Baylor University’s College of Arts & Sciences and University Libraries, Baylor Digital Scholarship offers powerful technologies to enhance research in the digital humanities. Learn more about how Reid’s experience accelerated his research and provided deep insight into the ways African-Americans shared the Bible on the path to emancipation.

Roughly one in 10 news websites analyzed by NewsGuard, a project launched by two respected longtime journalists, feature misinformation about health.


NewsGuard analyzed nearly 3,000 websites that account for 96 percent of online engagement among Americans, and found that 11 percent provided news with health misinformation. For instance, references to the debunked link between vaccines and autism.

Hosting this week is Rae Jefferson.  Rae talks with Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, founder of the Waco Family and Faith International Film Festival.  Also on the program, Fiona Bond talks about an arts consultation that could be the next step in extablishing Waco's cultural identity in the Creative Waco update.  There's also David Smith with an installment of David and Art.

In Episode 77 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Katie Selman. Selman discusses her move from Brooklyn to Waco and her desire to bring punk, rap, and rock music to Waco with her organization "Keep Waco Loud." Before that interview, Meek shines the Small Business Spotlight on Gene Vinnykov of Koko Ramen and talks with real estate experts Austin Hooper and Greg Glime about the Waco market heading into 2020.