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Business Review
Thursday 7:43am, 4:48pm and 6:32pm

Each week Business Review has the latest in business trends and research – both globally and nationally. Launched in March of 2005, this series was one of the first weekly local productions on KWBU.   The program has won the nationally prestigious Communicator Award numerous times. Hosted by CJ Jackson, Business Review is a production of Livingston+McKay LLC, KWBU-FM and the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Latest Episodes
  • In exploring AI accountability, Dr. Yulia Sullivan unravels the intricate dimensions revealing a shared blame game among AI, developers, companies, and end users. As ethical considerations become paramount, the question lingers: Who will shape the responsible integration of moral values into AI designs?
  • In the vast realm of cybersecurity challenges, Dr. Dan Pienta, delves into the cunning tactics of whaling attacks targeting high-ranking individuals.
  • Stephanie Nadi Olson reimagines hiring. The twist? A transformative approach benefitting job seekers and employers alike.
  • The experience Ilka Gregory gained by playing the demanding and aggressive sport of rugby has provided her with valuable business advice. Gregory shares how the sport equipped her with the skills to handle fast paced and challenging environments.
  • There are many things that the brain allows us to accomplish, from achieving our dreams to reaching our goals. To unlock the dream-making potential, Tom Corely explains the importance of setting goals.
  • During this episode of "Business Review," Marlene Neill explains how crucible experiences can transform leaders.
  • When applying for a job, it's important to have the right resume credentials. However, sometimes one quality stands out above the rest. Amira Lewally explains what it is in this episode of "Business Review."
  • Dr. Claudio Alvarez delves into consumer-brand relationships, highlighting strategic actions consumers take that with brands.
  • Joe Mull, exposes the pitfalls of employee-boss friendships, raising the question: Can leaders preserve professionalism amid blurred lines and personal connections, or are they destined to navigate an intricate maze of challenges?
  • Chris Meyer, a negotiation expert, challenges the win-win mindset, urging a shift to collaboration for sustained business success.