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Creativity In Trying Times

Creativity in Trying Times

I’m CJ Jackson and this is the Business Review.

These trying times are unprecedented. Melissa Haran, owner of Pure Barre in Pearland, shares her ideas for small business owners to reach more customers.

As a small business owner, I do a little bit of everything! We do have a retail component of our business. It probably makes up about 15% of our total revenue and it's a really fun component of the business.

I actually hosted an Instagram live sale. I did a balloon pop where every purchase you make got you a balloon. When you popped it, there was a fun prize on the inside so you didn't know what you were getting until you got your balloon popped and it was all done virtually.

As many businesses find themselves in unique situations in response to the coronavirus, Haran encourages leaders to help and inspire others during these uncertain times.

This is an opportunity to let your leadership skills shine because it's unprecedented because we're kind of throwing away the rule book in so many places. I say, throw out the rule book, get creative, do what feels right. People are going to remember that you did things that helped get their mind off of some of the bleakness of the situation. They're going to remember that you did things that were right and not easy more than they're ever going to remember that you had to be closed for a little while or that maybe you weren't able to offer all of your services in the same way. So, I would just recommend anyone who's in a position of leadership or authority to use it as an opportunity to really inspire people and get creative.

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C.J. Jackson drives on sunshine and thrives on family, NPR and PBS. She is the assistant dean of communications and marketing at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and host of public radio’s “Business Review.” Previously, she was director of marketing communications for a large, multinational corporation. C.J. has two daughters—Bri in San Antonio and Devon in Chicago—and four grandchildren. She lives with a little yellow cat named for an ancient Hawaiian tripping weapon.