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SHOUT! Black Gospel Music Moments - The Sons of the Birds

During the glory days of gospel quartets, there was simply no one bigger on the gospel highway than the Dixie Hummingbirds. The Hummingbirds were so big, in fact, that they had their own “farm club” – the Sons of the Birds. The Sons were composed of young, top-flight gospel singers, including the actual sons of both William Bobo and James Davis.

The Sons, who performed strictly rehearsed versions of the Dixie Hummingbirds hits, studied their choreography, and even the “impromptu” sermons and quips of leader Ira Tucker. So, when a member of the Birds was sick or went solo, there was singer in the Sons of the Birds who could seamlessly step in. One other thing – they even had their own theme music: “Sons of the Birds Theme/I Want to Be Ready.”

2405 The Sons of the Birds - I Want to Be Ready 44100 1.mp3

MUSIC: (2405) The Sons of the Birds, It’s Gospel Time, LP, “Sons of the Birds Theme: I Want to be Ready,” Side 1, Track 1 (February 3, 2024)

I’m Robert Darden … “Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments” is produced by KWBU and the Black Gospel Music Preservation Program at Baylor University Libraries.