Abbott Picks Hispanic Republican as His First Nomination as Governor-Elect

Nov 12, 2014
Originally published on November 12, 2014 7:06 am

Governor-elect Greg Abbott says he has a plan to unite Texas, and it includes whom he appoints to key state offices.

In fact, Abbott began reaching out to minority groups as part of his landslide election victory. He says he’ll continue those efforts to communicate with minorities as governor.

He says he recently attended a Texas Legislative Black Caucus meeting, and he’s picked a Hispanic to be the next secretary of state, pending senate confirmation -- Judge Carlos Cascos of the Rio Grande Valley.

"Someone who can cultivate strong ties along the border as well as strong bonds across the border," Abbott said as one reason for choosing Cascos.

But when it comes to action on immigration, Abbott’s tone changed. He’s against President Barack Obama using what Abbott called "[Obama's] version of dictatorial powers," to change the U.S. immigration system, referring to the president’s talk of using executive action.

"I think any and all possible actions should be taken to try to stop it including legal action," he said.

Abbott says he’s been in frequent touch with Gov. Rick Perry and his staff about transition-based issues. He will be sworn in as governor in January.

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