Business of Health Care: Self-care

Dec 13, 2019

We hear plenty about healthcare. But what about self-care? Even if you have heard of self-care do you really know what it means? In short, self-care is about taking the time to show yourself some love and take care of your needs and wellbeing. 

I know. I know. Who has time for that? But it’s something you should make a priority. To be clear, self-care is not about being selfish; it’s about recognizing we often have too much going on – so much so that it is impacting our health.

According to studies, this year alone, one in five adults will experience some kind of mental illness. And besides mental illness, chronic stress can lead to weight gain, heart issues and inability to sleep. Self-care can help, and it doesn’t have to take hours out of your day.

Here a few steps for simple self-care. First, slow down and accept that it’s ok if you don’t check off everything on your to-do list. Second, take just five minutes a day to recharge through exercising, yoga, mindfulness or deep breathing. Also, take a few minutes throughout the day to focus on something–anything–besides work. Third, go outside.

Maybe it’s a quick walk at lunch or right after work, but being in nature has been shown to boost moods. Finally, make time for friends. Social interactions have a much more positive effect on our wellbeing than interacting with technology.

If you still don’t think you have time for self-care, keep mind that taking a few moments each day to refresh can help you be even more productive.