Business Review: Ambassadors of Joy

May 14, 2020

Most businesses understand the importance of creating engaging marketing videos. Discover the secret to creating brand videos that are shared five times more than any other.  


“Happiness is an emotion that can be fleeting and go away, but true joy – where you come at things, whether they’re good or bad – from a perspective of seeing the positive side of things.”

Shabnam Mogharabi is CEO of Soul Pancake, a subsidiary of participant media, she is on a mission to reverse the relentless tide of negative news. Social media and the internet play an 

integral role in this sea change.

“When we started out we had this belief that people wanted to be inspired… they wanted to feel joyful, but we had nothing to back it up.”

Two years later there was an article in the New York times about the most viral videos and the emotions they elicited. The #1 emotion? A sense of awe. In fact, inspiring stories are five times more likely to be shared on Facebook.

“We believed it for so long, but it was finally evidence we were on the right track. And really, truly I believe that people want to share inspiration.”

More creators, providers and platforms are beginning to focus intently on positive news. Brands are even warming to the idea.

“We took a brand that had a product, and they obviously had features of this product they wanted to talk about. And we said, “Listen… that’s not what we do. But let’s find a message that you want your brand and your product to align with that speaks to the human connection, and human psychology and the joyful and inspiring world we want to live in, and let’s find that message… and let’s tell that story.” And so, when we’re able to do that, we’re able to do, I think, really great work.”

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