Business Review - Chaos to Calm

Jul 8, 2021

Business Psychologist, Sharon Melnick, talks about how to focus and take control when we feel stress. 

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STRESS IS A HEALTH EPIDEMIC, AND REMAINING FOCUSED AND CALM UNDER PRESSURE CAN BE DIFFICULT. DOCTOR SHARON MELNICK, BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGIST AND FOUNDER OF THE STRESS RESILIENCE, SHARES SOME TOOLS TO SHIFT FROM CHAOS TO CALM.  “Stress has an enormous impact. There are things that people could be doing to feel more empowered whether that's to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally. We only feel stress when there's aspects of situations that feel out of our control. The more we can focus on what we can control the less we will experience stress. Put your time and energy and attention into really being as effective as you could be at the things that you can control. The more we can focus on what we can control, the less we will experience stress.”  DR. MELNICK SUGGESTS PRACTICAL IDEAS TO IMPLEMENT TO SHIFT FROM FEAR TO FOCUS.   “Start being intentional. You want to think about what is the outcome that I want to create and who do I need to show up as in order to make that outcome happen. Instead of saying to yourself, ‘Why is this happening to me,’ you can ask how might this situation be happening for me?  Not, TO me.  In order to shift from fear to focus, you can always apply the three things that you can control.  You can always control your physiology, your psychology and your problem solving. And when you do that, you can have success under stress.”  THE BUSINESS REVIEW IS A PRODUCTION OF LIVINGSTON & MCKAY, AND THE HANKAMER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AT BAYLOR UNIVERSITY.