Business Review: Experience Driven Marketing

Jun 4, 2020

Providing an authentic user experience for consumers creates strong word of mouth marketing. 


Word of mouth with a modern twist. That's how Luke Sherwin cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of the mattress startup Casper describes the company's foundation for marketing. He says Casper focuses on providing a beautiful authentic experience for consumers rather than the standard use of taglines.

“The experience of our mattress to be such a deeply personal and more emotional than we 

even expected experience that no amount of contrived or inauthentic type of marketing would ever do this service to this product in the same way that a person to person recommendation would work.”

Sherwin says it's reciprocal knowledge sharing between Casper and its customers from tweets of purchases to tens of thousands of videos posted online of happy customers opening their bed-in-a-box for the first time.

“One thing we definitely did not anticipate that the involvement and sharing of unboxings of our mattress or just the box in general would ever be at the level that it is. And as we've learned that we've learned to make suggestions or give kind of cool inputs for our customers to do and like how to turn your box into a camp for kids and things like that.”

The high engagement with their customers also translates into an authentic emotive experience for customers that's unlike any other mattress showroom.

“We don't try and sell the bed in our showroom. Instead we just explain what the process is and thoughts were that allowed us to arrive at this final design. And typically most people really, really liked the bed and what they want to hear is they want to hear that you were thinking like they were thinking.”

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