Central Texas Leadership Series - Dr. Brianna Lemmons, Drexel King and Marlon Jones

Jun 11, 2021

As we are just over a week away from Father’s Day, this Month on the Central Texas Leadership Series, a compelling conversation between Dr. Brianna Lemmons, President of The Black Female Fatherhood Scholars Network, Drexel King, one of the founding members of Black Fathers of Waco and Marlon Jones, Director of Fatherhood Services for STARRY – a nonprofit organization offering services in Counseling, Family Support, Foster Care and Adoption.

Organization links:  STARRYBlack Female Fatherhood Scholars Network  or email BFFSnetwork00.com (those are zeros).

You can email Black Fathers of Waco, Drexel.R.King@gmail.com or visit the Black Fathers of Waco Facebook page.