Democratic Share of Latino Vote Shrinks in Texas

Nov 6, 2014
Originally published on November 5, 2014 7:25 pm

With Election Day in the rear-view mirror, we’re getting a look at research into what voters had to say. Political opinion research firm Latino Decisions surveyed 4,200 likely Latino voters in 10 states in its 2014 Election Eve poll.

In Texas, it found immigration is the most important issue facing Latino voters, followed by jobs and the economy and health care came in last.

According to the firm, Wendy Davis won 68 percent of the Latino vote and Greg Abbott got 32 percent.

"Wendy Davis lost considerable ground among Latinos compared to last cycles," said Gary Segura, a co-founder of Latino Decisions. "We had found [former Houston Mayor] Bill White receiving a much higher share of the Latino vote in a previous election in 2010 and we know that Abbott did make some concerted effort to campaign to Latino voters."

The firm’s poll found that 50 percent of Latino voters say the Democratic Party truly cares about them, 25 percent of voters say the Republican Party truly cares about them.

Based on how much Republicans reached out to Hispanics in their speeches at Greg Abbott’s victory party, they’re already trying to narrow that gap.

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