The Fine Tuned Music Series on 103.3 Waco Public Radio

Sep 13, 2019

The Fine Tuned Music Series is a special series on 103.3, Waco Public Radio dedicated to featuring local musicians as well as highlighting key players in the growing Central Texas and Waco music scenes. The artists interviewed for the series will be different ages and come from different backgrounds and genres. The series also aims to discover what makes Central Texas and Waco's creative music economy unique. 

We will begin the series with part of a roundtable discussion with Dean Dr. Gary Mortenson of Baylor's School of Music, Katie Selman and Jacob Green of Keep Waco Loud and Dick Gimble, instructor at McLennan Community College and son of music legend Johnny Gimble. Part one of the roundtable will air on Sept. 16. 

Our first artist spotlight will feature local, independent, indie-pop artist Collin Selman on Sept. 17. 

Please listen on-air at 103.3-FM, Waco Public Radio, check social media @KWBU and back online here for updates for the series.