Nov. 5, 2019 Election Information

Nov 4, 2019

Election Day vote centers

Registered voters may cast their ballots at any of McLennan County’s 33 vote centers for the general election Tuesday.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The vote centers in McLennan County are as follows:

  • Axtell School athletic meeting room, 312 W. Seley
  • Bellmead Civic Center, 3900 Parrish St.
  • Bruceville-Eddy ISD Special Events Center, 1 Eagle Drive
  • Carver Park Baptist Church, 1020 E. Herring Ave.
  • Cesar Chavez Middle School, 700 S. 15th St.
  • Chalk Bluff Baptist Church, 5993 Gholson Road, Waco
  • China Spring ISD administration building, 12166 Yankie Road
  • Crawford High School, 200 Pirate Drive
  • Dewey Community Center, 925 N. Ninth St., Waco
  • Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, 1624 Wooded Acres Drive, Waco
  • Fellowship Bible Church, 5200 Speegleville Road, McGregor
  • First Assembly of God Church, 6701 Bosque Blvd.
  • Heart of Texas Council of Governments, 1514 S. New Road
  • Hewitt First Baptist Church, 301 S. First St.
  • Hewitt Public Safety Facility, 100 Patriot Court
  • H.G. Isbill Junior High, 305 S. Van Buren St., McGregor
  • Lacy Lakeview Civic Center, 505 E. Craven Ave.
  • Lake Shore United Methodist Church, 3311 Park Lake Drive
  • Lorena First Baptist Church, 307 E. Center St.
  • Mart Community Center, 804 E. Bowie Ave.
  • McLennan Community College Conference Center, 4601 N. 19th St.
  • Moody First United Methodist Church, 500 Sixth St.
  • Riesel Junior High/High School, 600 E. Frederick St.
  • Robinson Community Center, 106 W. Lyndale Drive
  • South Waco Library, 2737 S. 18th St.
  • Speegleville Baptist Church, 469 Speegle Road
  • Tennyson Middle School, 6100 Tennyson Drive
  • University High School, 3201 S. New Road
  • Waco Convention Center, 100 Washington Ave.
  • Waco Multi-Purpose Community Center, 1020 Elm Ave.
  • West Community Center, 200 Tokio Road
  • Woodway City Hall, 922 Estates Drive
  • Woodway First Baptist Church, 13000 Woodway Drive

What's on the ballot

City of Moody

Alderman (3 at-large)

  • Randall Yates
  • Josh Richter
  • Jennifer Houghton
  • Karla Alton
  • Deloras Inge

Mayor (unexpired term)

  • Tina Eaton
  • Charleen Dowell

Alderman (unexpired term)

  • Ken Brown
  • John Carpenter

City of Bruceville-Eddy


  • Connally Bass
  • Gary L. Lucas

City council (2 at-large)

  • Rick Eaton
  • Marc E. Fowler
  • Phil Reyna
  • Terri Henson

City council (unexpired term)

  • Ricky Wiggins
  • Alisha Bass

City of Gholson

City council, Place 2

  • Ron McCartney
  • Claudette Michael (Shell) Williams Gaither

City council, Place 3

  • Thomas Wiley
  • Billy Sparks

City council, Place 4

  • Tom Buzbee
  • Zack McFarland

City council, Place 6 (unopposed)

  • Bob Meneely 

City of Hallsburg

City Council, 3 at-large (all unopposed)

  • Kathy McNair
  • Larry Thompson
  • Mike Zipperlen

City of Leroy

City Council, 3 at-large (all unopposed)

  • Roy Davis
  • David Dresner
  • David Williams

City of Ross

City Council, 3 at-large (all unopposed)

  • Cecilia King Kuklies
  • Richard Busby
  • Craig Andrie

City of Robinson

City Council, 3 at-large (all unopposed)

  • Jimmy Rogers
  • Steve Janics
  • Brenton Lane

City of Riesel

City Council, 3 at-large (all unopposed)

  • Jeanne Lehrmann
  • Bobby Dieterich
  • Marshall Shaw

City of West

Mayor (unopposed)

  • Tommy Muska

City Council, 2 at-large seats (all unopposed)

  • David Pratka
  • Jimmy Doherty

Moody ISD

City council (3 at-large)

  • Justin Foster
  • Misty Cummings Smith
  • Lacey Flynn
  • Shanna Denson

West ISD

Proposition A ($21.485 million bond)

  • For
  • Against

Place 6 (unopposed)

  • Ken Sykora

Place 7 (unopposed)

  • Jason Janek

Riesel ISD

2 at-large

  • Corey Evetts
  • Ben Saage
  • Ruth Anne Schroeder

Robinson ISD

Place 4

  • Wesley Gilbreath
  • Jeff Strain

Place 3 (unopposed)

  • Karrie Lynn Crosby

Midway ISD

Proposition A ($148 million bond)

  • For
  • Against

Hallsburg ISD

3 at-large seats (all unopposed)

  • Norman Huddleston
  • John Jachetta
  • Shawn Cardwell

One unexpired term (unopposed)

  • Brandon Kubitza

McLennan County

Proposition A ($14.54 million zoo bond)

  • For
  • Against


  • Proposition 1: A constitutional amendment permitting elected municipal court judges to serve more than one municipality at a time
  • Proposition 2: A constitutional amendment allowing the Texas Water Development Board to issue bonds under $200 million to fund water and wastewater infrastructure projects in areas where the median household income is at or below 75% of the state median income level
  • Proposition 3: A constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide temporary property tax exemptions for owners of property damaged by a government-declared disaster
  • Proposition 4: A constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual income tax and adding more requirements for future lawmakers to enact a personal income tax, such as a two-thirds majority support of both the House and Senate and a majority of Texas voters to change the state Constitution
  • Proposition 5: A constitutional amendment dedicating all revenue from the sporting goods sales tax to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission to protect state land, including parks and historical sites
  • Proposition 6: A constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to increase by $3 billion or double the maximum amount of bonds it can issue for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
  • Proposition 7: A constitutional amendment allowing the General Land Office, State Board of Education and other entities to increase the amount of revenue they provide the Available School Fund every year
  • Proposition 8: A constitutional amendment providing for the creation of a flood infrastructure fund to help the Texas Water Development Board fund projects following a disaster
  • Proposition 9: A constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to create a property tax exemption for precious metals held in state depositories
  • Proposition 10: A constitutional amendment allowing the transfer of a law enforcement animal to a qualified caretaker in certain circumstances

What you need to vote

Voters must bring one of these seven types of photo ID:

  • A state driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • A Texas election identification certificate issued by DPS
  • A Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • A Texas handgun license issued by DPS
  • A U.S. military ID card that includes a personal photo
  • A U.S. citizenship certificate that includes a personal photo
  • A U.S. passport.

Those forms of ID can be expired by no more than four years for voters between 18 and 69 years of age. The expiration date does not affect anyone 70 or older.

If someone does not have one of those seven forms of photo ID and cannot reasonably obtain one, there are six other options.

A voter can present:

  • A copy of a government document that shows the voter’s name and an address, including the voter registration card
  • A copy of a current utility bill
  • A copy of a bank statement
  • A copy of a government check
  • A copy of a paycheck
  • A copy of a birth certificate.

Choosing one of the six supporting forms of identification, a voter must also fill out a Reasonable Impediment Declaration, which states the information presented is true and the person faces a reasonable impediment to procuring an acceptable form of photo identification.

If a voter still does not have one of those forms of ID, that person can fill out a provisional ballot.

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Source - Waco Tribune Herald