Poverty Series: Dr. Bonny Cain, Tra Hall and Dr. John Jenkins

Nov 14, 2014

As we continue our series on poverty in the city of Waco this month – we’re also taking a look at Waco ISD.

Many of Waco’s schools are located in the poorest areas of town.  89-percent of the district is on free or reduced lunches. Students at JH Hines Elementary in East Waco are at a 97-percent economic disadvantage. At Indian Spring Middle School in downtown Waco – 93-percent of students are also at an economic disadvantage. A majority of the students who attend these schools are either black or Hispanic.

In this conversation – I speak with JH Hines principal Tra Hall and Indian Spring Middle School’s new principal Dr. John Jenkins. Waco ISD Superintendent Bonny Cain also joins the interview.