Power Morning 2020 Update

Feb 28, 2020

Well, we’ve never had a POWER MORNING quite like this. When we came in Thursday morning, all the phones in the building were down.

Some pledges came in online, but the phones are so important for making our goal. We paused at 7:30 and returned Friday morning with working phones.

To all who were patient and called in, those who pledged online, and those who made contributions toward the drive in the days leading up to POWER MORNING – THANK YOU!

As of now, pledges total $50,320. If you didn’t get a chance to give, you can still pledge your support online at www.KWBU.org – pledges that come in through the weekend will be counted toward our goal. Your gift will help us reach our $60,000 goal.

Left to right - Amy Davis, Ashley Thornton, Kelly Craine and Derek Smith

Thanks to Kelly Craine, Amy Davis, Derek Smith, and Ashley Thornton who volunteered their time in the pledge studio, encouraging you to join them in supporting KWBU.

Thanks to our phone volunteers: Brenda Bashaw, Christy Crosby, Kristi Carrillo, Mary Goolsby, Victoria Rectenwald, and John Ucci.

Phone volunteers VIctoria Rectenwald and John Ucci

Thanks to Marilyn Tittle with Sassy Indulgence for providing snacks to keep us energized.

And thanks to all who have pledged their support. You have the power to keep NPR and public radio alive and growing in Waco and the Heart of Texas!

We believe we are helping build a strong community in Waco, with the support of listeners who share our values.

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We know that you value NPR and the programming on KWBU.  Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Classical Music, Texas Standard, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, TED Radio Hour...your support makes these programs possible.