This American Life

Saturday at noon and Sunday at 11am
  • Hosted by Ira Glass

Built around the innovative personal vision of host Ira Glass, "This American Life" pioneered a new kind of radio storytelling. The weekly program explores a theme — fiascos, conventions, frenemies — through a mix of documentaries, radio monologues, investigative stories, and occasional fiction. Usually the program applies the tools of journalism to everyday life. But sometimes it tackles news stories, leading to some of its most distinctive and acclaimed shows. "This American Life" did an hour documenting life on an aircraft carrier that was flying missions over Afghanistan during the war there. It spent another hour explaining exactly what caused the sub prime mortgage crisis. One show followed school reform over a decade at a Chicago public school. Another was about the most successful informant in FBI history, and how he double-crossed his employer, Archer Daniels-Midland, and then the FBI. The stories presented are engaging, intimate, surprising, funny, disturbing, bittersweet. Glass and his staff have an unusual knack for finding writers and performers whose work hasn't been heard on radio, and producing their stories alongside his own disarming commentary in a way that listeners praise as "riveting," "mesmerizing." Breakout stars from the show include David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, David Rakoff and Mike Birbiglia.