Business of Health Care

Friday 4:32pm & 6:32pm

Every week, Business of Health Care segments update us on beneficial new services, innovative procedures and technologies, and also helps us navigate of the maze of regulations, terminology and codes that can make the health care system seem intimidating.

Business of Health care is hosted by Glenn Robinson, president of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest in Waco.

Business of Health Care is a production of KWBU and Baylor Scott & White Health.

Business of Health Care - Healthcare Consumerism

2 hours ago
Michael Hagerty

For years, virtually every segment of our economy has embraced consumerism except healthcare...until recently.

Michael Hagerty

By being familiar with your medical history, primary care providers can recognize subtle changes in your health and intervene when neccessary.

Business of Health Care - Totall Recall

Oct 1, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Research shows that over half of patients fail to recall remondations and treatments given by their physician.

Business of Health Care - Cancer Screening

Sep 21, 2018
Michael Hagerty

While prevention and screening are two very important concepts, it's important to remember the differences.

Michael Hagerty

According to the latest edition og Gallup's annual poll, Nurses are still the most trusted professionals in the United States.

Michael Hagerty

Over past year, there has been a flurry of merger and acquisition activity between insurers and retail pharmacies.

Business of Health Care - Childhood Vaccinations

Aug 31, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Although vaccination rates remain high nationally, some communities vaccine coverage is slipping below the 90 percent level needed to prevent outbreaks

Business of Health care - Opiod Epidemic Update

Aug 24, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Effectively fighting any epidemic requires battles on many fronts with many allies.

Business of Health Care - Burnout

Aug 17, 2018
Michael Hagerty

It's a part of life to feel stressed and perhaps even burned out from time to time. However, burnout is a major issue in healthcare with some studies putting the the figure at 50 percent or higher.

Business of Health Care - Preventative Care

Aug 10, 2018
Michael Hagerty

A survey published in the June issue of Health Affairs revealed that only 8 percent of U.S. adults age 35 and older received all of the high-priority preventive care that is recommended.

Michael Hagerty

Just about everyone knows the rich Baptist heritage of Baylor University, but few may know the leading role Baptists played in establishing and expanding access to healthcare across Texas. 

Michael Hagerty

Having a health insurance policy is important, but equally as important is understanding what is in that policy. 

Business of Health Care - Right to Try

Jul 20, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Recently, the United States Congress passed the hotly debated Right to Try bill.  But, what's in it?

Business of Health Care: In Case of Disaster

Jul 13, 2018
Michael Hagerty

During a disaster, people tend not to think about their medications. However not doing so can have dire consequences. 

Business of Health Care - Antibiotic Resistance

Jul 6, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Overuse of antibiotics is a big factor behind the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria.