Business of Health Care

Friday 4:32pm & 6:32pm

Every week, Business of Health Care segments update us on beneficial new services, innovative procedures and technologies, and also helps us navigate of the maze of regulations, terminology and codes that can make the health care system seem intimidating.

Business of Health care is hosted by Glenn Robinson, president of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest in Waco.

Business of Health Care is a production of KWBU and Baylor Scott & White Health.

Michael Hagerty

One of the linchpins of an effective population health strategy are care coordinators

Business of Health Care: Choosing a New Doctor

Feb 23, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Of all the relationships we choose to establish, your relationship with your physician ranks right up there with choosing the right spouse and selecting the right career.

Business of Health Care - When a Physician Retires

Feb 16, 2018
Michael Hagerty

For most people, when they decide to retire, all they need to do is tell their family, their employer and their coworkers, and then wait for the retirement party.  When a physician retires, it is not that simple. 

Business of Health Care - Medicaid and CHIP

Feb 9, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Funding for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program(CHIP) recently have been the topic of a lot of hot political talk in Congress. We take a closer look at these to government administered health insurance programs. 

Michael Hagerty

Many hospitals and healthcare organizations are shifting their mindset to focus on overall community wellbeing. Essential to these efforts are innovative and effective community partnerships.

Business of Health Care: Charity Care

Jan 26, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Each year, thousands of Texas patients must rely on charity care to receive the medical services they need. 

Business of Health Care: HIPAA

Jan 19, 2018
Michael Hagerty

At some point while filling out forms in the doctors office you may have run across the term HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

Business of Health Care: Er vs. Urgent Care

Jan 12, 2018
Michael Hagerty

Knowing when to go to the ER, your doctor's office, or an urgent care clinic can help ensure that the right care is provided in the right setting. 

Business of Health Care: Young Invincibles

Jan 5, 2018
Michael Hagerty

People between the ages of 18 and 29 who decide that it's in their best interest to forgo health coverage are sometimes refered to as "young invincibles."

Business of Health Care: Baby Boomer Health

Dec 29, 2017
Michael Hagerty

Are the Baby Boomers more or less healthy than previous generations? 

Business of Health Care: Flu Vaccination

Dec 22, 2017
Michael Hagerty

This fall more than 150 million of Americans are expected to recieve the flu vacine to prevent infection from the influenza virus.

Michael Hagerty

Although employed by the hospital, Patient Advocates truly work for the patient and family members.  

Michael Hagerty

The move toward increased efficiency and greater specialization in patient care has given rise to a new type of physician who make their office solely at the patient's bedside. 

Michael Hagerty

Knowing what the terms "in network" and "out of network: mean can have a big impact on how much money you spend on medical care in the event of a health issue.  

Business of Health Care: Late-Life Disability

Nov 17, 2017
Michael Hagerty

Since the early 19902, the average 65 year-old has gained an extra nine months of life expectancy but gained a full year of disability-free life on average.