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Each week Business Review has the latest in business trends and research – both globally and nationally. Launched in March of 2005, this series was one of the first weekly local productions on KWBU.   The program has won the nationally prestigious Communicator Award numerous times. Hosted by CJ Jackson, Business Review is a production of Livingston+McKay LLC, KWBU-FM and the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Business Review - Choosing the Right Tool

Mar 19, 2020

We've all been there. Stuck in a meeting that would have been better served by an email, or receiving an email that should have been a face to face interaction. In this episode of the Business Review, David Dye, President of Let's Grow Leaders, shares how to identify which communication tool is best for effective leadership. 

Telling your story is an important part of the pitch. In this episode of the Business Review, CEO of Startup Professionals, Martin Zwilling, discusses strategies entrepreneurs can use to keep potential investors and customers engaged.

For the first time in history, leaders are managing teams that span four generations. In this episode of the Business Review, CEO and Head Coach at Power Coaching and Consulting, shares tips on what leaders can do to be effective and bridge the gaps. 

There are four key things that leaders can do to be really successful at bridging the gap between these generations. Number one, be consistent in leadership.  Be a coach,

Word of mouth with a modern twist.

Using biology as a model to help design and improve sustainable ecosystem technology.

Finding employment after the age of 50 is sometimes diffucult due to being over qualified.

An entire company can come under scrutiny if only one area of its supply chain fails.

Getting to the botom of the bottom line mentality.

What separates an A team from a B team?  What prime players are investors looking for?

Work can affect your home life. Dr. Dawn Carlson, professor of management shares in this episode of the Business Review just how much crossover happens between work and home.

Historically, marketers have devalued ethnic programming. In this episode of the Business Review, Dr. Tyhra Lindsey-Warren, clinical assistant professor of marketing, discusses how marketers can value audiences of color.

In this week's Business Review, fashion pioneer Kenneth Cole breaks new ground with the "Look Good, For Good" campaign.

Risky Business! In this episode of the Business Review, Dr. Matthew Wood, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship explains the factors that lead an entrepreneur to pivot or stay the course.

In this episode of the Business Review, happiness expert Amy Blankson explains why having something in common with others makes solid friendships, even if you’ve never met.

Firms hiring former employees as auditors has been a common, yet concerning practice. In this episode of the Business Review, Assistant Professor of accounting, Dr. Owen Brown, shares a different perspective.