Downtown Depot

First and Third Fridays at 11:30am and 8pm
  • Hosted by Austin Meek

Downtown Depot is a partnership with Waco Business News and KWBU. Featuring host Austin Meek, the 30-minute show looks at the ins and outs of development in Waco. Each week you can hear interviews with local entrepreneurs, city officials, and people with a stake in developing our city on the Brazos.

During the show you'll also hear updates about new businesses, closures and development rumblings around town. But we also want to hear from you. Is there a building or an update on development that you want to know about? Let us know. 

Austin Meek of shares his thoughts on one year of hosting 'Downtown Depot' on KWBU-FM.

Ways to Connect

This week Austin Meek of interview Austin Hooper for a new segment called the Residential Recap. Also, Megan Henderson is in studio to talk about her work with City Center Waco.

Austin Meek of Waco Business News shines the Small Business Spotlight on Reckless Iron Works, asks What's  Happening Here? with Greg Glime and sits down with Theresa Emry to talk about her move from Spokane, Washington to Waco. 

This week Austin sits down with Chris Nunn of the new app TownTrotter, and talks with Gary Findley self-proclaimed redneck CEO . 

Dina Dwyer Owens, board member and brand ambassador for the Dwyer Group, sits down with host Austin Meek, and Gregg Glime is back to answer your questions about Waco properties. 

Reid Guess of Guess Family BBQ talks about continuing the BBQ tradition in Waco, plus Meredith Wagner and the Word on the Street on this edition of Downtown Depot.

Austin shines the Small Business Spotlight on the Jockey Club, and talks with Matthew Polk about Prosper Waco's goals in the community.

Austin Meek of talks with Mary Duty. She co-owns Pappa Rollos Pizza with her husband and is the chair of the Mclennan County Democratic Party. Plus, Austin shares business tips from One Million Cups. 

Host Austin Meek, of, talks with Blake Batson, and Heritage Creamery gets the Small Business Spotlight this week on Downtown Depot. 

Austin Meek, of, talks with Catherine Ballas, co-founder of Refit, about the companies humble beginnings, and he'll discuss the Luna Juice storefront.

Austin Meek of, talks with Corey McEntyre Owner and Chef of the Milo All Day Food Truck. Also Austin takes a trip to Standard Hat Works in the first ever Small Business Spotlight.

Downtown Depot host Austin Meek talks mammoths at the Waco Mammoth National Monument and a conversation with freelance artist Katherine Makowski. 

This week, Austin Meek of talks with Jared Himstedt about Balcones Distillery, and Hanah Franzen about community engagement. 

This week, Austin's guest is civil rights activist Bettie Beard who talks about her earliest memories of Waco and gives insight and empathy to the current immigration debate being carried out across the country. 

This Week, Austin Meek sits down with Tenfold Floral, Jill Barrow of the Historic Waco Foundation, and Dillon Meek returns to the studio.  

In this episode of Downtown Depot, Austin Meek talks with Jake cockerill about the Waco Peddle Company, an update on the Food Truck Showdown, and an interview with Mick Burson where he talks about his work around town.