Likely Stories

Thursday 7:45am, 4:45pm and 6:47pm. Saturday 8:35am. Sunday 9:35am

So many books, so little time!  Jim McKeown hosts this weekly review of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and biographies.  Jim is a lifelong voracious reader who learned to read by the “rule of 50.”  If he’s not engaged in the characters, the prose, or the plot by page 50, he puts in a book mark and returns it to the shelf.   Likely Stories  is a three and a half minute module that we think you’ll give “FIVE STARS!” 

Story of two friends who live on the edge of poverty in Naples.

Another dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Charming story of a retirement home for literary senior citizens.


Comedy by David Sedaris considering ‘What if animals acted like people?’

Two Australian women try to escape an oppressive parent by moving to England.

Fantastic story of a Count under house arrest ostensibly for the rest of his life.

  A powerful company draws an unsuspecting young woman into its web.

Poetry collection from the noted Copper Canyon Press.

  Tense and absorbing story of a runaway balloon, and several men trying to help.

Four long short stories about Frank Bascombe wandering his way through his late 60s

Fascinating tale of the aftermath of the Trojan War told by the main survivors

Story of a woman who oversees retirement living for senior citizens.

Five women and one man start a book club to explore the works of Jane Austen

In the midst of a terrible war, a Cellist plays every day for each person killed in a bombing.


Newly minted PhD examines soil and all its properties.