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“When I was younger I actually had some difficulty with…like speaking. It was very challenging for me. However, for some reason, singing always came naturally to me.”

Julia Reihs/KUT

But some analysts say the state’s grid operator is still being overly optimistic about the weather and what it will mean for electricity demand.

City of San Antonio Public Works Dept.

The federal infrastructure plan will send billions to Texas over the next five years. But a water expert says the state will still be playing catch-up when it comes to water infrastructure, as the population continues to grow.

Brian Kirkpatrick / Texas Public Radio

The diversity of pecans grown in the state has helped keep the crop strong from year to year.


One advocate says the expansion could change the economy in the way rural electrification did last century.

Michael Minasi for KUT

The former El Paso congressman tells Texas Standard he wants to “get us past the very small, divisive politics of this moment and of the current governor.”


Jeff Kubina/Flickr

The latest Texas execution protocols forbid spiritual advisers from praying aloud or touching prisoners. Some members of the high court said they feared overturning the rules would lead to a flood of requests for other religious accommodations.

By Jolie McCullough, The Texas Tribune


Lucio Vasquez / Houston Public Media

The family of a deceased 21-year-old man and another man who was allegedly trampled during the event are among those who have sued.

More than a dozen victims from Friday night’s Astroworld Festival at NRG Park have filed lawsuits against concert organizers, according to records filed with the Harris County District Clerk’s Office on Monday.

Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT, Joey Palacios/Texas Public Radio, Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press, Gabriel C. Pérez/KUT

All proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution passed. Plus, more on Austin’s Prop A, a GOP flip of Texas House District 118 and Fort Worth ISD’s bond election.

Michael Minasi/KUT, Emree Weaver/KUT
Gabriel C. Pérez/KUT

A tour of a Texas power plant shows the challenges of applying new winterization rules.

Gabriel C. Pérez/KUT

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Austin by Voto Latino, with the support of a group affiliated with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Michael Minasi/KUT News

“Obviously, everyone who moves to Texas might not align with Gov. Abbott’s recent legislation, but they kind of do see [it] as a lot of political noise.”


50 years ago, a battle over redistricting changed Texas

Oct 19, 2021
Jeff Kubina/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In 1971, Texas Democrats had the power, and drew legislative district maps that disenfranchised people of color.