Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Saturday 10am, Sunday 1pm
  • Hosted by Peter Sagal

The Peabody Award-winning show, Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me!, uses current stories (from the global to the ridiculous) for questions and comedy. Host Peter Sagal, leads a rotating panel of comedians, humorists and journalists, listener contestants and celebrity guests through a comic review of the week’s news. Each week, Sagal quizzes the panelists and listeners to determine just how closely they paid attention to the week's news. He serves up questions in all forms: lightning rounds, tape from NPR news shows, multiple choice, identify the “fake” stories, and fill-in-the-blank limericks. Listeners call 888-WAIT-WAIT for a chance to win the show’s coveted prize: a custom-recorded greeting by Carl Kasell for their home answering machine or voicemail. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is a co-production of NPR and Chicago Public Radio. The program debuted nationally in 1998 and quickly established itself as a weekend favorite.