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Baylor Connections - Dustin Benac

Truett Theological Seminary - faculty, staff, portraits, headshots - Dustin Benac - 08/11/2022
Robert Rogers
Truett Theological Seminary - faculty, staff, portraits, headshots - Dustin Benac - 08/11/2022

Baylor’s Program for the Future Church is housed within the George W. Truett Theological Seminary. The program exists to convene professors and church and community leaders to listen, imagine, and pilot solutions for emerging changes facing the Church, with resources to connect stakeholders virtually and in-person.

In this Baylor Connections, Dustin Benac, Program director and co-founder and author of the book Adaptive Church, takes listeners inside the challenges and opportunities for local churches to serve both the current and future Church together.

Baylor Connections - Alison Prahl
Individuals with intellectual disabilities and disorders (IDD) have a friend in Alison Prahl, whose research uncovers pathways to literacy. Prahl, assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders at Baylor, leads Baylor’s Language Impairment and Down Syndrome lab, and her work has been supported by the National Institutes of Health.
Baylor Connections - Stephen Newby
Stephen Newby came to Baylor this summer as the inaugural Lev H. Prichard III Chair in the Study of Black Worship. Dr. Newby brings a background in music, scholarship and ministry to the position, which leads research and scholarship efforts associated with the growth of Baylor’s Black Gospel Music Preservation Program.
Baylor Connections - Jenny Howell
What are the connections between food, creation and faith? Jenny Howell serves as director of Baylor’s Theology, Ecology and Food Justice Program, which offers a holistic approach to educate students, ministers, leaders and more on the Church’s role in addressing food challenges.
Baylor Connections - Sharon Stern
Baylor students can access physicians, nurses, physical therapists, psychiatrists and more through the Baylor Health Center.
Baylor Connections - Lulin Jiang and Charles Dowdell
What if communities could reduce air pollutants in landfills and convert waste into energy? Baylor and the City of Waco are partnering on competitive project to bring this idea to life.
Baylor Connections - Michael Motta and Luke Simons
Baylor’s men’s and women’s basketball teams both enter a new season ranked among the nation’s top 20 teams, lofty rankings that have become the norm for both.
Baylor Connections - Jordy Dickey
Experience Baylor Student Activities’ impact with events like Homecoming and Christmas and 5th on the horizon.
Baylor Connections - Kallie Kobold
The Baylor Counseling Center offers a wide array of services and resources to meet the mental health needs of Baylor students. Kallie Kobold is a psychologist and coordinator of outreach in the Counseling Center.
Baylor Connections - Craig Gundersen
Craig Gundersen is an agricultural economist whose game-changing research examines the causes and effects of food insecurity.
Baylor Connections - Kevin Dougherty and Michael Ryan
Graduate students play an important role in Baylor research and teaching, and the mentorship they receive from Baylor professors is significant in preparing them for excellence in both.