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Business Review
Thursday 7:45am, 4:48pm and 6:32pm

Each week Business Review has the latest in business trends and research – both globally and nationally. Launched in March of 2005, this series was one of the first weekly local productions on KWBU.   The program has won the nationally prestigious Communicator Award numerous times. Hosted by CJ Jackson, Business Review is a production of Livingston+McKay LLC, KWBU-FM and the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Latest Episodes
  • Body language plays a crucial role in communication, offering valuable insight into peoples emotions and intentions. Jessica Stillman, contributing editor for INC.COM, shares psychologist, Jeff Beaty's work, which finds traditional interpretations of body language may not be the most effective way to understand nonverbal cues.
  • Dorie Clark, bestselling author, peels back the layers of busyness in Western culture, exposing the true struggles beneath the surface. Discover the hidden reasons behind our constant hustle, and unlock the path to reclaiming time for strategic thinking and personal fulfillment.
  • Discover How Organizational Psychologist David Burkus Unveils Practical Strategies to Showcase Leadership Skills in Everyday Tasks, Empowering Individuals to Seize Opportunities and Amplify Team Dynamics.
  • Assistant Professor Brian Kim Explores the Impact of Cash Reserves on Investment Behavior and Market Dynamics, Shedding Light on the Balance Between Prudence and Potential.
  • Tom Walker, President of Rev One Ventures, shares tips for hiring interns and why curiosity is essential.
  • Helping others has a dark side? Dr. Gabriella Cacciotti shares how social motivation impacts entrepreneurs' overall life satisfaction.
  • Life events can lead to some enterprising outcomes. Jen Hansard shares the story of how survival drove her to create a successful smoothie business.
  • In exploring AI accountability, Dr. Yulia Sullivan unravels the intricate dimensions revealing a shared blame game among AI, developers, companies, and end users. As ethical considerations become paramount, the question lingers: Who will shape the responsible integration of moral values into AI designs?
  • In the vast realm of cybersecurity challenges, Dr. Dan Pienta, delves into the cunning tactics of whaling attacks targeting high-ranking individuals.
  • Stephanie Nadi Olsson reimagines hiring. The twist? A transformative approach benefitting job seekers and employers alike.