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Business Review - Learning to Lead from Within

The most inspiration woman in the world,” Lolly Daskal, gives a pep talk on the characteristics of a great leader in this episode of the Business Review.

She’s been called the most inspirational woman in the world, and Lolly Daskal has made it her mission to teach others how to inspire greatness.

Turning the typical business model on its head, she says the best leaders are not those who have all the answers and make all the decisions, but those who rely on the talent of their team, recognize the successes of others, acknowledge their own weaknesses, and actively seek to learn from those around them.

“We have this assumption of what great leadership is. Most people feel, “I am not going to be vulnerable with my team.” Break that rule. “I’m not going to show them that I don’t know anything.” Break that rule. Because greatness lies in imperfection.””

In order to inspire greatness in others, she says, learn to lead from within.

“You have to start with yourself. You have to lead by example. If you want to see respect, you have to give respect. If you want to see honesty, you have to speak with honesty. If you want to see trust, you have to show trust. Success lies with leading by example, because people are looking up at you to see who you are. And then they emulate it. Your team, your company, your organization, your culture is a mirror to who you are. If you are a true leader, you’re not thinking about your own title. You’re not thinking about your own position. You’re thinking about the welfare of others. Servant leadership, leading from within, showing people that you believe in them is very powerful.”

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