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Living It - Suzette May

In this week's edition of Living It, host Meg Wallace welcomes Suzette May.

Suzette talks about her journey and the challenges of living with blindness. She also discusses her advocacy concerning seeing-eye dogs and the use of braille.

  • Many listeners of KWBU know Ross Burns as the host of I Hear America Singing. However, today he shares stories of struggles and triumphs he has experienced living with hearing loss and since getting a cochlear implant.
  • In this month's episode of Living It, host Meg Wallace talks mental health with Josh Carney, Waco Family Medicine Foundation's Chief of Staff. He discusses his own journey through the local mental health care system, and talks about options in our area for those needing help with mental health issues.
  • In this week's edition of Living It, Meg Wallace leads a conversation with Cleotha Kelley about caring for loved ones with Alzheimers.
  • On this edition of Living It, host Meg Wallace is in conversation with Mack Marsh, project director of Parking Mobility.
  • In this week's edition of Living It, host Meg Wallace is in conversation with Elaine White, a retired educator dealing with progressive hearing loss.
  • Host Meg Wallace holds this inaugural conversation with Donna Dill, a local bank officer living with spina bifida. Donna talks about navigating the challenges of living with a disability, and how her upbringing gave her the strength and support to live a full and successful life.

Meg worked as a community organizer, an adult educator, and a publishing-industry freelancer before launching her children and moving to Waco, where she completed her Master’s degree in Social Work at Baylor in 2018. Having walked through many challenges with disabled loved ones over the years, Meg was in search of strategies to reduce barriers to full community participation for disabled neighbors and their caregivers. So she launched the Amberley Collaborative, which was renamed Mobilize Waco in 2023. Meg is now a social worker with AccentCare Home Health, while continuing to build Mobilize Waco and enjoying life with her husband, their adult children, and their new granddaughter.