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SHOUT! Black Gospel Music Moments - Messiahs of Glory


The unknown Messiahs of Glory deliver a devastating rendition of the gospel classic, "How I Got Over."

One of the joys of exploring online the thousands of gospel recordings in the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at Baylor University is stumbling across an absolutely unknown gem. We believe that at least half of the digitized holdings in the collection are the only known copy ... and that includes the hundreds of 45s and LPs that were one-shot recordings by different artists and choirs who paid to have themselves recorded in small, out-of-the-way studios.

The Messiahs of Glory released one LP and one 45 for Detroit's HOB label. Nothing is known about the Messiahs and clearly neither disc was a hit. But if you can find a copy of the LP on eBay, be prepared to pay up to $200. The 45 will set you back $65 - when it is available. Why? Because they're both really, really good.

The 45 contains the Messiah's rendition of Clara Ward's biggest hit, "How I Got Over." Charles Street is listed as the writer and arranger and his version of this class song is a powerhouse: slow, funky, bluesy, immediately and dramatically compelling. The Messiahs of Glory disappear after these two releases ... but whoa! What a Legacy.

2230 Messiahs of Glory - How I Got Over.mp3

Music: "How I Got Over," The Messiahs of Glory, 45

I’m Robert Darden … “Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments” is produced by KWBU, the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at Baylor University Libraries and is funded by generous support from the Prichard Foundation.