Art and Culture

Art and culture

This Southern soul gospel artist never received the acclaim his talent deserved. 

Two Australian women try to escape an oppressive parent by moving to England.

David and Art : Rooted in Place

Aug 6, 2018

For art, sometimes being in the room where it happened is the way to connect with an artist.

Anyone who has said "Those who can't, teach" obviously hasn't heard about the Famous Boyer Brothers of gospel music.

Fantastic story of a Count under house arrest ostensibly for the rest of his life.

David and Art - "Defining Modern"

Jul 30, 2018
Joe Riley

Sometimes knowing what a single word really means can open up the art world for us.

Rev. Willingham, backed by the Supreme Angels, delivers a fiery reworking of the old children's song. 

Conversations with Creative Waco - Carl Hoover

Jul 27, 2018

Rae Jefferson talks with Carl Hoover, arts and entertainment editor at the Waco Tribune Herald. 

  A powerful company draws an unsuspecting young woman into its web.

David and Art - "Learning Drama"

Jul 23, 2018
Joe Riley

We can all play a role in introducing someone else to the arts that we love.

"Sit Down, Servant" is one of the hits from their tribute LP, We Remember Rufus

Poetry collection from the noted Copper Canyon Press.

David and Art - Abraham Lincoln

Jul 16, 2018
Joe Riley

Being intellectually curious is the best way to begin understanding art more deeply.

The Charles Taylor singers tear it up on "Gonna Be All Right."

  Tense and absorbing story of a runaway balloon, and several men trying to help.