Art and Culture

Art and culture

(Joe Riley/KWBU Radio)

For National Poetry Month in April, KWBU is highlighting four local poets to share what influences their work as well as how they entered into the medium. 

You can listen to the special series Tuesdays at 5:44 a.m. and  7:44 a.m. during Morning Edition and 5:44 p.m. during All Things Considered. 

Longer posts will be made available for each poet for listeners to hear some poetry and an interview. 

The series begins April 9th and continues each Tuesday through April 30th.


Act Locally Waco - Events April 5 - 11

Apr 5, 2019

In this week's episode of Act Locally Waco, host Ashley Thornton brings us several arts events this week - including Gobsmacked from the Out on A Limb Dance Company. Thornton also highlights some family-friendly events to enjoy the outdoors like the Airshow at Texas State Technical College. 

Hilarious story of a real live curmudgeon who enjoys annoying his neighbors.

David and Art - "At the Art Show" Pt. 1

Apr 1, 2019
Joe Riley

International art shows provide a perspective on the art world that you get in no other place.

I recently had the chance to attend an international air fair. I’d never been to one before and frankly I didn’t know exactly what to expect. (read more)

Gospel music was known for its great bass singers. Alas, we may never know the name of the bass singer for the Bonnett Harmonizers of Washington D.C. but his bouncy, melodic singing on their lone LP, The Storm is Passing Over, is worth cherishing.

(Brodie Bashaw/KWBU Radio)

On this episode of Conversations With Creative Waco, host Rae Jefferson sits down with Doreen Ravenscoft, the director of the Cultural Arts of Waco,  to talk about Art on Elm, a free annual event that puts art right onto the streets of Waco. 

Ashley Thornton of Act Locally Waco brings us information on this weekends Deep in The Heart Film Festival, as well as events for a cause and other activities in town this week. 

Interesting novel by the great African-American poet, Langston Hughes.

David and Art - Funding Around the Country

Mar 25, 2019
Joe Riley

Arts organizations work hard to engage with their communities.  Any little extra bit of help—even from the national government—can make that possible.

Among the numerous institutions that came to a grinding halt during the government shutdown earlier this year was the National Endowment for the Arts.   For 35 days its website announced that it would be unable to review grant applications, return email inquiries, or even answer the phones.  But, from its beginnings in 1965 optimism has always run strong at the NEA.  In the funding package signed by the President that finally ended the shutdown the Endowment actually received a boost of $2 million for its fiscal year 2019 budget.  “After a 35-day furlough,” acting chairman Mary Anne Carter announced, “we are happy to be back to the important work of providing access to the arts for all Americans.” (more)

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Use Me Lord"

Mar 24, 2019

The real star of this hard gospel tune is the funky and fabulous bass-line, which more than matches the lead vocalists of the obscure Spiritual Wonders of Detroit. It's just possible that the bassist is legendary Motown Records bass player and composer James Jamerson, who played on virtually all of Motown's hits. 

(Kateleigh Mills/KWBU Radio)

This month on Conversations With Creative Waco, host Rae Jefferson interviews artistic director Brooke Schlecte and music director Chris Sies of the Gobsmacked: An Evening of Dance and Music with Food and Wine event from Out On A Limb Dance Company. 

Jefferson also interview Luann Jennings who leads professional development at Creative Waco.

Act Locally Waco - Events March 22 - 28

Mar 22, 2019

This week on Act Locally Waco, host Ashley Thornton gives us events to get outside and enjoy the start of spring. Events include different shows around town, a half marathon hosted by the Baylor Student Foundation and the start of Deep In The Heart Film Festival. 

Chilling story of the horror resulting from the migration of refugees from South America.

David and Art - Art Scene

Mar 18, 2019
Joe Riley

Everyone in a city has a part to play in helping its art scene thrive.

What does a city need in order to have a successful arts scene?  Do we have one here?  And if not, what do we need to do if we want one: one that really invigorates the city with music, visual arts, public art, and drama?  It’s a tough question and a lot of thoughtful people around here have been thinking about it.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve gone out and heard live jazz on Austin Avenue and seen a really good exhibit by the Art Guild of Central Texas.  One gets the feeling that perhaps there are some of the pieces in place.

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Joy Like A River"

Mar 17, 2019

The multi-talented Elder Nick Hightower founded the House of God Saints in Christ Churches denomination, was the father of the fabulous Hightower Brothers gospel group, and recorded the excellent It's a Long, Long Way LP with vocalist Sister Massey.