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Art and culture

Act Locally Waco - Events March 15 - 21

Mar 15, 2019

This week on Act Locally Waco, host Ashley Thornton tells us about two big weekend events happening downtown - Spring at The Silos and The Texas Food Truck Showdown. She also highlights some events to avoid the expected Downtown mania - and also lets us know what's happening in Waco next week. 

The complete collection of the greatest master of the Haiku

David and Art - The Blues

Mar 11, 2019
Joe Riley

In some forms of music, human emotion can be the central element - and when it is, great art is sometimes the result. 

1, 4, 5, 12:  If you’re a musician or a fan of a particular style of music, those numbers will mean a lot to you.  Together they sketch out the form of one of the most enduring and deeply rooted genres of American music, the blues.

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Lord I Need You"

Mar 10, 2019

Some of the best recordings in the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project are those by absolutely unknown artists. As far as we know, this 45 is the only copy of the Messiah Gospel Singers performing “Lord, I Need You.” And yet this ragged, emotional performance strikes a chord that only real, raw gospel music can reach.

An examination of some early theories about the Trojan War.

David and Art - Henry and David

Mar 4, 2019
Joe Riley

On Wednesday, a painting that connects two of the most important figures in the last half century of the art world comes up for auction. It might even set a record. David Smith discusses the artist David Hockney on this week's episode of David and Art

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "A Man's a Man"

Mar 3, 2019

One of the Brooklyn Allstars dozen of LPs is this easy-going gem from 1972, Too Close to Heaven. Recorded for the Nashboro label, one of my favorite tracks features lead vocals by gospel and Broadway legend, Professor Alex Bradford -- "A Man's a Man."

Wonderful story of a teacher who operates a bit off the beaten path.

David and Art - Realism

Feb 25, 2019
Joe Riley

As the United States became an urban nation, those artists who chose to portray city life realistically pioneered a new style of art. David Smith discusses paintings of medical procedures and photographs of homeless children in this week's edition of David and Art

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Deep River"

Feb 24, 2019

During World War II, Leonard De Paur created the De Paur Infantry Chorus, which would bring extraordinary music into the lives of soldiers in both the European and Pacific theaters. After the war, the chorus stayed together and recorded some remarkable albums of spirituals and sacred classical music. This is their rendition of "Deep River." 

(Kateleigh Mills/KWBU Radio)

On this month's edition of Conversations With Creative Waco, host Rae Jefferson interviews Deep in The Heart Film Festival co-director Samuel Thomas. The two discuss this year's festival on March 28 - 31, its early beginnings and what goals the festival's team has moving forward. 

Another fun excursion through the world of books and reading

David and Art - Ruining The View

Feb 18, 2019
Joe Riley

In the hands of a skilled artist we can be made to see even the sky differently - but carelessness can rob us of the experience. David Smith discusses the artist James Turrell in this week's edition of David and Art

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Motherless Child"

Feb 17, 2019

During Lou Rawls' stay with the Pilgrim Travelers, he recorded a number of classic gospel songs, including beautiful, jazzy renditions of the classic spirituals. One of the best is this version of "Motherless Child."

Excellent examination of three fathers of noted writers: W. B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, & James Joyce