Art and Culture

Art and culture

This church choir from Scotch Plains, NJ, delivers a rollicking version of the gospel standard, "I'm On My Way to Heaven."

A teen shoplifter finds herself before a judge and becomes friends with her library mentor.


Carl Hall's vocals on "I Want to be More Like Jesus" will leave you... well... amazed. 

Conversations with Creative Waco - Eric Shephard

Apr 27, 2018

In this episode of Conversations with Creative Waco host Rae Jefferson speaks with Eric Shephard, executive director of the Waco Civic Theatre, about his work in Killeen. Also, David Smith hosts a new segment on the show called David and Art. 

Collection of haiku by one of the four great masters of the genre.

"Glory to His Name" showcases the Mighty Faith Increasers at their finest. 

Interesting selection of stories by a Booker Prize winning author.

"Soldier in Vietnam" is that rare gospel song about the war. 

Romantic story of a lonely man recently widowed and a woman dealing with a divorce.

The Richmond, Virginia family's Tribute to Granny is a fitting farewell to a gospel music legend.

Pleasant series of essays on topics ranging from immigration to the environment.

On this 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, this special program will air tonight at 8 on KBWU-FM.

Robert Darden takes us through the final days and  hours of Martin Luther King's life and features music from the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project.  

The Paradise Baptist Church Combined Choir's "I'm glad for the Cross" is as good as it gets. 

A collection of Norse Myths with lots of battles and mischief.

The lone LP by this quartet of sisters from California captures the girl-group charm of the early '60's.