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Likely Stories: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Dec 3, 2015

Actress, musician, comedian, Carrie Brownstein reveals all in this memoir. 

Love story based on the adventures of Margaret Mead and her anthropologist friends.

Likely Stories: Letting Myself In

Nov 19, 2015

Pleasing, warm, and relaxing all describe the poetry of Anne McCrady.

Events and Activities during Nov. 13 - 19

Nov 13, 2015

There's plenty to do this weekend and Act Locally Waco director Ashley Bean Thornton is back in the KWBU studio to give us the latest on what's happening in the Heart of Texas, from the circus to Baylor Theater's latest production. 

A selection of stories by the acclaimed short-story writer, Anne Beattie. 

Q&A with Creators of Welcome to Night Vale

Nov 6, 2015

Welcome to Behind the Story, a program where we take you straight to the source. In this special episode, we travel to Night Vale – the strange fictional town made wildly popular by the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and now­ book. Its creators – Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor – stopped by Waco for a book signing and Q&A with KWBU’s Jim McKeown. 

Beautifully written tale of slavery in Pre-Civil War Virginia.

Beautifully written tale of slavery in Pre-Civil War Virginia.

From the podcast of the same name, Night Vale is a curiously inventive tale.

Science fiction thriller of an astronaut stranded on Mars.

Novel written and rejected before Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird

Jim McKeown

Newspaper journalist, Carl Hiaasen, turned novelist, writes another thrilling mystery.

Jim McKeown

The novel which started my Booker Prize Winners collection.

I return to a sensitive and heartbreaking novel I read and loved in seventh grade.

Jim McKeown

Extraordinarily intense thriller of a man with a temper, a talent for painting, and a penchant for getting himself in deep messes.