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Conversations With Creative Waco - Meg Gilbert

Mar 23, 2018

Host Rae Jefferson talks with Meg Gilbert from the Art Center of Waco, and Fiona Bond talks about What Works. 

 A small town with “hockey fever” hopes for a national championship.

The Rev Barrett and the Walton Brothers' "I have a Friend Above All Others" was another excellent release from Checker Records. 

  True adventure of a young boy who dreams of accompanying Byrd to Antarctica.

"Another Year' by the pride of Columbia, South Carolina, is a soulful take on a classic gospel song. 

Interesting, informative marriage of Buddhism and psychology.

Lorenz Porter Brown's devastating rendition of "Near the Cross " is an unforgettable tour-de-force. 

Bizarre, interesting, mundane, and weird stories are thought-provoking to say the least.

"Deep River" is an instant classic from the Houston Mass Choir's Beautiful Zion LP.

Compelling memoir of poverty among whites and African-Americans in 1950s Alabama

You can't go wrong when you sing a classic by the Rev. Clay Evans

Peculiar story of a pair of young lovers, who are con-artists, working on a desert ranch.

Esther Ford's "I'm Striving" sounds like a gospel-version of one of those glorious girl-group hits of the mid-1960's

Shocking story of incredible corruption in 15th century Vatican of Pope Alexander VI

Edwin Hawkins' signature song was an unlikely hit in 1969.