Art and Culture

Art and culture

Funny story of a man growing up amid his interesting and peculiar family

Joe Riley

Should some of the oldest and grandest sculptures in the British Museum go back to a new museum in Athens?

Doris Watson and the Testimonial Echoes deliver a slow and soulful rendition of “God is Blessing You.”

Full length audio here

Mysterious story of a family split as World War II came to a conclusion.

Joe Riley

Does a museum have an obligation to return works of art to countries that didn't agree to give them up in the first place?

"Jesus is Everywhere" by the Victorious Glory Landers is doo-wop heaven! 

Fiona Bond talks with Carlos Colon and Lori Baker about how the arts can be a toolkit to help in all of life's endeavors.

Interesting collection of novels and non-fiction for 2019.

David and Art - Christmas

Dec 24, 2018
Joe Riley

It may look easy but it takes determination for a musical instrument to change a life.

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments - "Fix Me Up"

Dec 23, 2018

"Mother Church" Kennerly Temple's choir has been making great gospel music for a very long time.

Charming collection of women writers, who riff on Jane Eyre’s famous line.

David and Art - Learning the Classics

Dec 17, 2018
Joe Riley

How do we learn to like cetrain kinds of art that pop culture overlooks?  It may be by exposing young people to a wider world.

"His Love Bubbles Over in My Soul" by the previous unknown Ruth Beck Singers will make you smile all day.

Lots of festive activies are happening in and around town this week.  Hear about Christmas at Cameron Park Zoo and Zoovie Night.  The Jubilee Theatre presents "Every Christamas Story Ever Told and Then Some" while "It's a Wonderful Life" is put on by the Brazos Theatre Group.  This is only a peek.  Listen and hear what else is happening.  

Fascinating look at the universe through the mind of Stephen Hawking.