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Business Review - Stakeholder Equity

Oct 21, 2021

A successful business owner, Matt O’Hayer, decides to start a company based with a deeper purpose.

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In this episode of The Business Review: A serial start-up company entrepreneur, Mariam Naficy, found that just because one company is an overnight success doesn’t mean it will happen to the next startup.  She tells us what she discovered in the process.

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Business Review - "Which Way?"

Oct 7, 2021

When business leaders are faced with two difficult outcomes, Chris Meyer shares how it all comes down to one basic character trait.

Business Review - “The Lead Conductor”

Sep 30, 2021

Andrea Dixon, gives insight into the change management process

Business Review - “Five Powerful Words"

Sep 23, 2021

Most meetings are a waste of time. Scott Mautz discusses how five powerful words can change a meeting from unproductive to a success for all involved.

Business Review - “Unique Perspective”

Sep 16, 2021

An interesting study of women in the military showed how their perspective helps teams work smarter and faster.

Business Review - “Performance Review”

Sep 9, 2021

Van Gray shares how companies, large and small, should continually evaluate their company in order to grow.

Austin Meek's guest this week is local businessman Jake Patterson. He talks about transporting his restaurant concept from Portland to Waco, his downtown food trailer, and why he's opening up a brand new drive in location on Valley Mills Drive.

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Business Review - “That’s My Idea”

Sep 2, 2021

Only about a third of women hold leadership positions in their company. Marlene Neill shares women’s frustrations and how they can get ahead.

Jenny Blake shares how employees can “pivot” or “divot” and remain in control.

A Look Inside Racially Biased Home Lending Algorithms

Aug 25, 2021

How mortgage algorithms perpetuate racial disparity in home lendingA new investigation finds that people of color are more likely to have their mortgage applications rejected than comparable white applicants.

For the first time in history, leaders are managing teams that span four generations. In this episode of the Business Review, CEO and Head Coach at Power Coaching and Consulting, shares tips on what leaders can do to be effective and bridge the gaps. 

Doctor Tyra Lindsey-Warren, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, gives insight into the best way to market to the new generations of consumers. 

What is your Information Technology Identity?  Stacy Petter, Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics, encourages employers to discover their employee’s I.T. identity to maximize creativity and production in the workplace. 

Meredith David, Associate Professor of Marketing, shares when fear-based marketing can be an effective messing tool. 

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